Last Weekend Pre-Helmet

Here’s last weekend before Samantha got her dreaded helmet!

Ana gave us this little kitty piano…a million different chime and bongo noises, a microphone, and pre-programmed nursery rhymes = possibly the most annoying toy EVER created. I have a feeling it’s going to disappear soon…

In order to keep the girls entertained, we moved them around from room to room where I have different toys stashed. 

                                                        At the park after an evening walk. 

                         Both girls were unsure how they felt about cold grass between their toes. 

Make that really unsure. 

Quintessential Amelia. 
Quintessential Samantha…just kidding!

 Our favorite napping spot when we are too lazy to run the girls upstairs to the nursery. 

             Hanging out with Great-Grandpa on Sunday for a barbecue and visit from Allison and Zack.

Amelia was NOT happy about sharing Great Grandpa with Samantha!

All to herself!
Samantha right before she exploded all over Maddie. I think she was working on it during this photo. 

On our way to the Laguna Beach. Bandit begged and begged to come, so we finally let him hop in the back, which apparently wasn’t good enough. 

I can’t believe another weekend is already here!  Jake’s mediation is now over, so we celebrated by Maddie making her specialty– some delicious homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles– and by playing a round of Killer Bunnies. Maddie goes home tomorrow night and boy, are we going to miss her cooking and her entertaining antics with the girls! Samantha continued to seem uncomfortable in her band today and both girls haven’t slept well at night or during the day all week. Let’s sleep in tomorrow, girls!
Lots of love, 

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