First Cold :(

How does the day always seem to start out like this:

Happy Samantha!
Ummm…are we supposed to be happy right now, or what, ‘cuz we’re not feeling it…

And end like this–with me sprinting out the door as soon as Jake gets home, and driving to Wendy’s with Bandit, for no other reason than to get out of the house…and to buy Bandit some chicken nuggets?

Seriously, the girls have been little joys in the morning the past few days, and holy terrors in the afternoon hours. I swear they get bored of me because as soon as they see Jake, they start giggling, smiling, playing and generally being charming. ANNOYING.

I feel like the worst parent ever for going so crazy over the girls’ fussiness since they’ve been feeling out of sorts for a reason– their first cold ever (a million sad faces)!! Cue me, flipping out.  Samantha and Amelia have both had a few sniffles this week and Amelia hasn’t had much of an appetite for the past few days, so we went into the doctor this morning.

Sure enough, both girls have a sore throat 🙁 The doc said Samantha’s is just a little red, and isn’t too bad, while Amelia’s looks a little worse. That explains why she hasn’t wanted to eat much…her poor little throat is bothering her! Since it’s a virus, we can’t really do anything about it, except try and make the girls as comfortable as possible and keep them hydrated. Tylenol and keeping their milk/formula cold instead of warming it up has also seemed to soothe them a little bit.

Jake, ever the reassuring husband, was laughing during our appointment because he likes to make fun of my germophobia/OCD and knew I was absolutely horrified that the girls were sick. Our doc (who has twin boys of his own) said his wife is the same way as far as sanitizing everything, and that his advice to me would be TO STOP. Probably not going to happen.

As soon as I got home, my helper, Ana, and I got busy Lysol-wiping doorknobs, sink fixtures, and washing toys. That felt good. Maybe I really do have a problem…

The sad part is, we had planned to go to Utah on Monday, but with the girls’ colds, we’re not sure if it’s a good idea to go. The doc suggested we come in Monday morning to see if the girls have improved at all, and then leave for our trip when we have the all clear. Here’s hoping they are back to normal by Monday!

We managed to have a few laughs the past few days, despite the girls’ colds and Jake working long hours.

Left the room for a minute, and came back to find a napping Samantha like this: 

Our first attempt at the latest Internet-craze: baby mugging!

Lots of love,


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