Summer Nights in Laguna Beach

Over the weekend we met up with Jodi, Jared, and their cute baby girl, Maliyah for a stroll around Laguna Beach’s main drag.

Perfect summer night!

People stopping to ask questions about the twins/comments/offer unsolicited advice count: 14

Favorite quote from random stranger: “How come the other twin doesn’t get as much attention?” (I was standing outside a gelato shop next to our stroller while Jake, Jared and Jodi were inside ordering. I had propped Samantha’s bottle with a blanket and was holding Amelia’s bottle for her since she was in the front of the stroller and easier to reach. This was clearly a blatant case of favoritism).

Another favorite quote from random stranger: “Don’t text and cross! Haven’t you seen the ad campaign?”
-An old lady at the crosswalk who saw Jake looking at his phone while he walked across the street. And no, I haven’t seen the ad campaign, but thanks for the info.

Before Amelia and Samantha were born, I read a book by a mother of twins whose advice was to acquire a really large, dark pair of sunglasses due to the fact that twins have an inexplicable magnetic force surrounding them, attracting random people to have twenty minute conversations with you. The idea behind the sunglasses is to appear as aloof and unapproachable as possible. I never really thought the twins would attract as much attention as they do, but most of the time, it’s pretty funny and I don’t mind.

Random strangers and all, it was a gorgeous evening. Samantha was in a Jack Johnson-like “chill” mood, while Amelia wasn’t sure why the beach was so exciting and just wanted to sleep. She had a meltdown after we had strolled around a while, at which point we high-tailed it out of there before she reached DEFCON-5.

Amelia, unsure about this whole being out of the house after dark thing. 
Sometimes, stuffing a pacifier in Samantha’s mouth does the exact opposite of pacify. 

Maliyah trying to engage a stubborn Samantha in conversation. 

While Amelia was commencing her meltdown, Jake had stopped for what seemed like half and hour to talk to a guy who had built the neon hovercraft in the bottom right of this photo. It was actually pretty cool–it was remote-controlled and flew pretty high. Jake decided he wants to build one for his next project. Maybe when the twins turn 18…

Gotta love summer nights at the beach. They are doubly sweet now that we have the girls!

Lots of love,


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  1. I love the picture of Maliyah checking out Samantha. Fun times!