Four Month Appointment and Photos!

After Samantha and Amelia’s traumatizing four-month shots, the fact that I was NOT looking forward to the girls’ four-month doctor’s appointment yesterday was an understatement. I was positively dreading it, so much so that I called in reinforcements. Jake was able to take the day off work for the appointment and to stay home in case things got crazy.

As soon as we stepped foot into the office, Samantha immediately started screaming her head off. She has the memory of an elephant that girl….she never forgets! She continued to cry while being weighed on the scale and let out a short firecracker of a wail during her shots, but then conked out and was pretty much fine for the rest of the day.

Amelia, on the other hand, was all smiles and giggles as Dr. Young was examining her, but screamed like a banshee during her shots and for about five minutes afterward. Once she got in the car, she passed out for the ride home and was a little bit fussy during the day, but nothing out of the ordinary. I think giving them some tylenol about a half hour before their shots really helped take the edge off a bit and helped them feel better throughout the day. In fact, yesterday was one of the most mellow days I’ve ever had with them! They were tired and mostly napped on Daddy, but when they were awake, instead of being fussy in the evening per usual, they were giggling and having a grand ol’ time with their toys. They even went right to sleep at 7:30 and stayed asleep until 6:30 this morning.

Samantha is now nearly 25.5 inches tall and weighs 6 pounds 12 ounces (90th percentile), which was not surprising, considering she feels like a ton of bricks every time I pick her up. That girl is one chunky monkey! Dr. Young said that even though she normally recommends waiting until 6 months to start solids, she feels that Samantha is probably ready and said we could start her on rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula within the next few weeks and see how she does. Dr. Young is also hoping that her digestive system will regulate a little bit better once she starts veggies since her poo has been an avocado green color (TMI) for the past month or so. I’m not sure if I am ready for solids as this adds a whole new level of complexity to our routine, so we will see what happens.

The bad news for Samantha is that owing to the fact that her head is still pretty flat in the back, we have to go back for another appointment with the cranial technologist next Monday to take some measurements and decide upon a course of action. Dr. Young said that she won’t necessarily have to wear a helmet, but we need to take a look at her more closely in case she needs something to re-shape her head. I guess it’s better to take care of it now rather than force her to have a funny shaped head the rest of her life (especially since she will always be compared to Amelia, who has a perfect head!), but I’m still not happy about the prospect of making her wear some sort of head-shaping apparatus. Poor girl!

Amelia is still an inch shorter than her sister at 24.5 inches and weighs 14 pounds, 6 ounces (77th percentile). She is a strong, healthy girl and continues to try and catch up to her big sis.

I was really worried that the aftermath of the shots would leave the girls restless and would disrupt their one-week streak of sleeping through the night, but they ended up sleeping peacefully. In fact, they woke up this morning smiling and giggling so much that I almost thought they must be delirious from the tylenol.

Unfortunately, their good moods didn’t last. After initially waking up happy, they must have suddenly remembered that they had been poked and prodded yesterday with sharp needles and, understandably, became grumpy. After drinking five ounces of milk, Amelia promptly projectile vomited most of it all over her sister, who was about to fall asleep for her nap. Needless to say, Samantha was not amused. No more vomiting so far, but they day is not yet half over.

Basically, I threw my to-do list out the window and have been holding them on the rocking chair the entire day. The minute I try and put one of them down, one twin screams bloody murder, startling the other twin and commencing a double scream fest. It’s much easier just to sit here holding both of them, which wasn’t a problem until Samantha exploded poop everywhere and I had to clean her up, at which point Amelia realized no one was holding her and started wailing. Next, Samantha cried. And then I cried. Yay for triple crying fests! After changing Samantha’s diaper, outfit, and our bedding, it was back to the chair to calm all of us down. Just at that moment, my neighbor dropped by with some homemade cheesecake, which made all of us feel slightly better.

Apparently, today would have been a better day for Jake to take the day off, but there were just too many fires to be put out at the firm for him to leave. Fortunately, Jake came home from work at lunch to give me a little break, but had to go back, so I pretty much plan on camping out upstairs all day with the girls. Both of them have slight fevers, so I’m monitoring them and keeping up with the tylenol every five hours. Bed hasn’t been made, Bandit hasn’t been walked, dishes haven’t been done, but I have to tell myself that’s ok. Tomorrow is another day. In the mean time, I can write this blog post and feel like I have at least accomplished one thing.

On a happier note, it took several different location and costume changes, but in spite of the girls’ determination to the contrary, I was able to get some pictures of the girls smiling last weekend! Samantha and Amelia had both ripped off their four-month stickers last time we attempted a photo shoot, and Amelia had completely crumpled hers up, so we went without for the their four-month photos.

Ready for a photo dump? Here we go…

And some outtakes: 

I’m so mean. Poor Amelia. 

Hopefully, we will have some smiles again some time soon! Thank goodness there are no more shots for another two months. 
Lots of love,

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