Lights! Camera! Action!

Happy Friday! The other day I realized I have about 1,952,081 pictures of Samantha and Amelia, but hardly any videos. I vowed to take more (videos, that is) and post them. Excuse the lack of wide screen. Since I’m not used to taking videos, I took these with my phone held vertically instead of horizontally. “UGH, MOM. YOU ARE SOOO TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED. WE’VE BEEN USING IPHONES SINCE WE WERE 2 MONTHS OLD,” the girls said, rolling their eyes.

Nothing particularly exciting in the video besides two ADORABLE babies and my really ANNOYING “mother-ese” talk.  Since it’s really obnoxious, I muted most of it until the very end. Sometimes I consciously tell myself not to talk like that, but can’t stop!

In other news, my Shutterfly book of the girls’ first month arrived today, and I get a discount if I share the online version, so here it is!

                                         Click here to view this photo book larger
Lots of love,

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  1. I tried to view your video, but it says it is private. I love their baby book. They are so CUTE!