Father’s Day Festivities

Wow, this weekend was crazy busy (and by “busy,” I mean we went four different places, three of which were within a mile of our house. May not seem like much, but with two babies, it seriously takes military precision planning to get out the door!) We’ve been exhausted and I haven’t had a spare second until now, so I’m going to take advantage of both of the girls being asleep to recap.

Father’s Day weekend started off deliciously with Samantha and Amelia making breakfast in bed for Daddy. The girls had fun making Greek yogurt chocolate chip and banana pancakes and were then severely disappointed that they couldn’t try any themselves. Amelia put too many bananas in some of the pancakes, so they weren’t up to perfectionist Samantha’s standards.

After breakfast in bed, the girls gave Daddy his Father’s Day cards (one from me, one from Samantha, one from Amelia, and one from Bandit) and his presents (dress shirts, ties and cuff links…BORING, I know). The girls then went shopping (Target is seriously evil now that I have babies. I can’t walk out of there without buying a thousand baby clothes and other things I don’t need) and played all day.

 Amelia: That’s my Daddy!
Little china doll Samantha. 
 It’s getting harder and harder to tell these two apart! Samantha left and Amelia right. 

In the evening, we met up with Samantha and Amelia’s 4-month-old friend, Maliyah, and her parents, Jared and Jodi. We barbecued on the trail next to the Las Flores pool and had fun taking pictures of the three amigas. Maliyah is exactly one month older than Samantha and Amelia and it’s always fun to get a little preview of how the girls will be changing.

I failed to get a single picture of Samantha and Amelia NOT squirming. Maliyah, on the other hand, posed perfectly still the entire time. I love how the girls are so bald compared to their little brunette friend! I’m definitely jealous that I can’t put bows in their hair right now!

On actual Father’s Day, we went to church, where Amelia spit up all over her Father’s Day outfit. “If Amelia’s not wearing her dress, I’M NOT WEARING MINE,” said Samantha, who promptly peed all over hers when Daddy was changing her diaper. At least we got a few pictures before we had to change them.

A few of Samantha: 
Amelia contemplating the meaning of life. 
These little girls have Daddy wrapped around their fingers. 

Proud papa. 

In the afternoon, we drove to LA to attend a little celebration for cousin Ben’s college graduation. If you couldn’t tell from the decor, he graduated from UCLA. Way to go, Ben!

Even though it was technically a graduation celebration, the girls were definitely the center of attention!
Cousin Allison with Amelia.
Mindy with Samantha. 

Great Grandpa with Amelia.

Look at that smile! Lou Rae with Amelia.

Great Auntie Lynn with a smiling Amelia. Seriously, she never smiles like that when I take pictures of her by herself!
                                  Exhausted from all that laughing, Amelia took a little cat nap. 

 All of the fathers in attendance with their kids!
The girls had a blast hanging out with Daddy the entire weekend and are so grateful for such an easy-going, calm, fun-loving Dad! I echo their sentiments. 
Other reasons Jake is Super Dad: 
-He changed all the girls’ diapers during their first week of life. Every. Single. One. 
-He has woken up to help with night feedings EVERY NIGHT for the past three months (except Father’s Day…that was his other present haha) and still rolls out of bed in the morning to spend a long day doing whatever it is that lawyers do. 
-He is always in a good mood when he gets home from work and even told me how grateful he is that I let him hang out and take care of the girls in the evening so that I can get a little break. 
-He is a master swaddler, baby carrier, and always seems to be able to run the bath water to the perfect temperature. 
-The girls love snuggling with him and when they are fussy, their Dad never fails to calm them down. Two crying babies never phases him!
-The greatest thing of all is that he puts up with all of my neurotic requests with a smile (the baby is too hot, take off her sweater; the baby is too cold, put on a hat; the sun is shining in the baby’s eyes,  move her; the baby wants to see out of her stroller, put down her sun shade, you haven’t washed your hands in five minutes, put on some hand sanitizer; etc.) 
Happy first Father’s Day, Jake! You are an amazing husband and Dad!

Lots of love,


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  1. Oh I just love your blog posts! So much fun! And such great tips that I'm going to mentally file away for the future!