Memorial Day Weekend

It’s still dark outside, but after the girls’ last feeding, I decided I was awake enough to start the day. The girls did a five-hour stretch last night without eating! I fed them at 8 pm, and then we all passed out around 9. The girls woke up again around 1 am–that amount of consecutive sleep is life-changing! I feel like a whole new person! After their 1 am feeding, they did a 3-hour stretch and woke up at 4. Hey, I’ll take it!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we lamented the departure of Juliette for a while until we ate one of the freezer meals she left us. Then we were happy again! Also, Great Grandpa came to visit!

Before Great Grandpa arrived, I told him all about how dinner time was Samantha and Amelia’s fussy time and gave him all these dire predictions about how we probably wouldn’t get to eat dinner when he came over since we’d be trying to calm down two hysterical babies. “DUH, MOM. We are on our best behavior when Great Grandpa comes!” the girls said. “We like him!” I should have known that the girls are always great when they get to see their GG. Everyone enjoyed hanging out until the girls decided it was time for their bath and bed, but at least we were able to eat dinner at a normal pace without wolfing anything down in order to finish and calm down the girls. Success!
On Memorial Day, the girls hung out with Daddy most of the day. Lots and lots of napping took place. 

I go downstairs for two seconds and this is what happens: 

After naps, the girls even helped Daddy barbecue some shrimp and veggies: 
After eating the most processed, buttery, sugary, fat-laden, unhealthy, delicious cobbler ever, we decided to redeem ourselves a little by walking the loop up to the big park and back. 
Pushing that stroller uphill is quite the workout! Now I understand why I always see moms pushing jogging strollers while carrying like five kids attached to their body– no gym required! 
Apparently, the walk tired out the girls enough to sleep for so long last night. We will see if we can manage a repeat performance tonight! 
Lots of love,

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  1. I love reading your blog. You do such a good job on keeping it current. We need to get together SOON.