The Color Run

On a sunny weekend in November, we spent a few days in San Diego, renting an Air Bnb with our friend, Lucero, and her kiddos, Kennedy and Sebastian. We were there for a 5k fun run, the Color Run, at the football  stadium, but Samantha, Amelia and Meredith were most excited about having a sleepover party with their friends!

We stayed at the cutest beach rental, right across the street from the beach, and the kids loved their “hotel.” Sebastian stayed with Lucero in their room, we had the perfect little closet space to put Meredith inside her pack n play in our room, and the twins plus Kennedy had their very own couch bed. The girls fell asleep to a movie and everything seemed to go okay, until about 12 a.m., when Amelia randomly woke up crying/screaming and wandering to our room. She took forever to fall asleep again, at which point, Kennedy was fed up and slept in her mom’s room. Needless to say, we were all a little cranky in the morning, except for Meredith who slept peacefully in her closet.

Despite a bad night’s sleep, we got to the stadium bright and early for the 5k Color Run.

The kids were super excited about their swag, especially the gold glitter tattoos.

Ready, set, go!

The course was set up outside the football stadium, and wasn’t the most scenic of 5ks I’ve ever done, but what it lacked in scenery, it made up for in fun!

I did my best to run in spite of feeling not the greatest due to morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue. But fortunately, I kept just the right pace with the kids! Kennedy ran almost the entire way, while the twins, Meredith and Sebastian ventured out from their comfy strollers occassionally when we made them get out and run.

At each check point, volunteers stand on the sidelines throwing little balls that burst with colored powder, hence the “Color Run.”

But the best part was one of the checkpoints that featured an awesome bubble party! Definitely the favorite.

Meredith was not a fan of all the bubbles and screamed when she got wet. She refused to come out of her stroller and play with the other kids.

We made them run the last stretch and they complained the entire way.

Amelia shows off her medal.

Even though they said the powder was non-toxic and safe for pregnant people, I still didn’t want to breathe it in, so I brought a bandana to cover my face anytime there was a color bomb that burst.

The girls’ favorite part of any fun run is all the free stuff they can grab afterwards. The Color Run had some particularly popular swag, including fruit pouches, flavored sparkling water, snacks, epsom salts, protein bars and beauty products. Lucero and I grabbed as much as we could and stuffed all of it in our strollers.

After a quick lunch stop at In n Out, we showered off all that color back at the beach rental and walked across the street to the beach. The kids had a blast making an epic pool in the sand.

We were sad Lucero and kids had to go back home that day, but we hung out at the beach and stayed at the rental an extra night.

Samantha the tree climber.

The next night of sleep was significantly better than the first. It seems like whenever we go anywhere, the girls have a hard time adjusting to the new sleeping quarters, sights, sounds, etc., and never get good sleep! Everyone was so exhausted the second night that they conked out and slept in the next day. We walked around town, ate breakfast and hit the beach before heading home.

Cupcakes, anyone?

Sad to leave!

Super sad to leave!

Lots of love,


Mission Bay Beach

After the girls’ gymnastics showcase, I loaded up the car with beach gear and three girls and we drove down to San Diego to meet Jake and the rest of the family for Ben’s law school graduation party. I’m always hopeful that a long drive during nap time will result in lulling the girls to sleep, but this time, I was not so fortunate. Meredith’s eyes were glazed over, but she couldn’t quite make it to dreamland with all the giggling, squealing, arguing and “SHE TOUCHED ME!” echoing from the back row. And that was WITH a movie playing.

Once we finally arrived, we were all excited to get out of the car and play with cousins Noah and Hailey at Mission Bay.

Cutest frisbee triangle!

Having missed her afternoon nap, Meredith alternated between cranky and delirious.

Samantha was ready to take over the driver’s seat on the jet ski.

After a long loop, Amelia decided she felt safer on dry land and let the speed demons take it for another spin.

Meredith was not pleased about being left behind, but got over it as soon as she discovered she could annoy Amelia in the tent.


Catch me if you can.

This was not the first time the girls had been paddle boarding, but whether it was their non-nap or the sun getting to them, for whatever reason, they were terrified. It didn’t help that they fell overboard!

Samantha was holding on for dear life and hyperventilating.       

Snack sharing in the tent.

Sandy pita chips… yum.

Worn out from the sun and sand, we filled up at Ben’s graduation party at the beach house the Kagel’s had rented. The girls were excited to congratulate Ben and see the Kagels, Grandpa, Great Grandpa, and Uncle Mike and Ali, who had flown in from Wyoming. Meredith was too dazed to enjoy the company, but I think she still secretly relished all the extra cuddles.

Samantha, Amelia and Noah entertained themselves by playing with ice from the cooler and pretending to be a train.

It’s nothing personal, Ali!

We ended our evening early after the dominoes started to fall, starting with Meredith and followed closely by an epic meltdown from the twins. It was fun while it lasted! Since Jake had taken a separate car down earlier that morning while I was at the twins’ recital, I was rewarded for the harrowing journey down by handing the keys to the minivan and overtired children over to Jake and returned home in the other car in blissful peace and quiet, no Goldie & Bear or Dora within earshot!

Lots of love,


Meredith 8 Months

Meredith’s 8th month was full of firsts and fun!


Samantha, Amelia and Meredith at 8 months. Meredith is really looking like her own person these days. It’s so fun comparing these three– they are so different! If you’re in need of a laugh, check out Samantha and Amelia at 8 months here.  Good times (and I can’t believe Samantha was crawling so well by her 8 month birthday– Meredith isn’t even close)!


Unfortunately, there will probably be no more milestone block pictures with the correct numbers on them as Meredith loves to occupy herself eating/swiping/throwing them during picture time.


Who, me?


Meredith is HUGE and sported 12-18 (and sometimes 24) month clothes. She started dropping the 3rd nap (Hallelujah!) and slept 11-12 hours at night.



Firsts included Meredith’s first bike ride, first trip to San Diego, first time swimming in the pool, first Utes game, and, sadly, her first time rolling off the bed! Good thing she’s a tough one.

img_2435 img_4778

img_4794 img_2510


Meredith started eating finger foods regularly, and my time spent cleaning increased exponentially. Guess it couldn’t be worse than the twins at this age.



Meredith ate Cheerios like there was no tomorrow! She also loved sweet potato, squash, pasta, avocado, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower.

img_0184 img_0936



Meredith devoured 8 pieces of pita bread at Panini Cafe and I was so afraid she was going to get so constipated! I don’t know where it all went, but she was fine. Note the seven tons of basmati rice all over the floor. Understandably, bus boys flee when they see us coming into restaurants.


Meredith’s excursions also included visiting Great Grandpa, co-hosting Allison’s baby shower, chilling at the beach, going raspberry and apple picking, swinging (ALL THE TIME), playing at home, and hanging out at the park with sisters. Meredith also goes along for the ride to the girls’ gymnastics, dance and soccer practices and can’t wait for the day she can join in.



img_4771 img_2663

Now that Meredith is more mobile and interactive, Samantha and Amelia have a blast playing with her and keeping her entertained. She is absolutely bored to tears when they are at preschool and looks at me like, “WHERE IS MY ENTERTAINMENT?”

img_2460 img_2412

Meredith and Maple enviously watched the big kids roast s’mores at the pool.


img_0934 img_0930  img_0881

Samantha and Amelia are awesome with Meredith and treat her like their own little dolly. Seriously, they get 5 stars all around. It’s cute to see how nurturing and caring they are with her, and they’ve become so much more responsible and grown up as a result. Their favorite thing is to tell all the kids at school (and strangers at the park) that they have a “baby sister named Meredith who is 8 months old.”   Out of the blue, sometimes they’ll say, “I LOVE my baby sister!” and I melt into a puddle.


“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…because I’m happyyyyyyy!”


I find it hilarious to contrast Meredith with the girls at each stage.


Thinking back to the first year, I always tell people all I remember is 365 days of crying, but I do sometimes wonder if I’m exaggerating about how hard it was. Looking back at pictures confirmed my memories! It was rough!




Occassionally, the twins were in good moods. Like every 1 out of 250 pictures.


No one ever accused Samantha of being skinny.


Samantha the Grump at 8 months.




It’s hard to believe I used to have nothing else to do but chill at the park and watch these two play. Now Meredith is the one observing the chaos.


Good times at the park!


Like the twins, Meredith enjoys the outdoors and wiggles her whole body when I put her in her stroller or Ergo because she knows an outing is coming. She’s just like Bandit!


Meredith started completely rejecting purees this month and pretty much grabbed the spoon out of my hand whenever I would try to feed her. She would either attempt to feed herself, or demand finger foods. Let’s just say it’s been an epically messy month. Bandit was not complaining.



Meredith loves to engage with people and makes friends wherever she goes. The teachers at the girls’ preschool remarked one day at how it brightens their day to see her in the morning. Whenever I walk or jog with her. it’s funny to see the smiles on bikers or joggers coming the opposite way– for a split second, I always think they are saying hi to me, when I realize that Meredith must be giggling at them.  img_0331

Still no teeth or crawling this month. Meredith’s preferred mode of transportation was rolling. Nighttime sleep took a little bit of a downhill detour once she started rolling all over the place in her sleep and woke up disoriented.


Still, I can’t complain. She is a sweetheart and full of personality. Love you, Mer Bear!


Lots of love,