Treasure Island Beach Family Photos

While Aunt Sarah was in town, we seized the opportunity to have her and her camera tag along with us to Treasure Island Beach in Laguna. The girls normally cringe at the mention of “family photos,” but with Aunt Sarah along, it just felt like another day at the beach. The girls quickly ignored the camera and started playing once we were done taking a few posed shots. The rest are candid (which always turn out to be the best ones) and a perfect encapsulation of a typical beach outing (crazy running around, sandcastles, kite flying, random meltdowns/tears, and wind in our hair).

Meredith wasn’t in the best mood that morning (teenager), but Aunt Sarah worked her magic and snapped some cute ones of her anyway. Thanks for the beautiful photos and easy-going morning, Aunt Sarah!

Queen of the Nile, Meredith, escorted by her caravan.

Getting ready for her close-up.

We bribed the girls with gummies to get them all together for a family shot before everyone dispersed to play.

I selected outfits from what we already had for these beach photos, but since we found out a few weeks later that we’d be having another girl, the pink ensemble worked out perfectly!

Jump, Samantha!

Run, Meredith!

Jump, Amelia!

Moody teenager.


Chasing the birds.

Meredith’s death glare.

Kite flying is a dangerous sport. The kite almost killed us five times randomly nose-diving from the sky straight down.


(Photos from my phone)

Hanging with Grammy.


I’m ready to be carried away, servants.

This wagon ain’t gonna move itself, slaves.

More pink coming soon! Thanks, Aunt Sarah!

Lots of love,


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