Fall Photos

It’s that time of year again… family photos! My friend and (former) neighbor, Keriann of Keriann Converse Photography has taken our photos for a few years and always manages to get the girls loosened up and having fun… or at least as much fun as they can, being forced to wear tights and follow directions for an hour.

We got our photos done EARLY this year–not only the month (September) but time of day (7:30 a.m.) Yes, 7:30 A.M. It took a  coordinated military precision effort and bribes of donuts to get everyone woken up, fed, dressed, hair done, out the door and on location that early in the morning. We were exhausted before it even started!

Getting there turned out to be the easiest part as Samantha and Amelia promptly went into meltdown mode, screaming about how COLD it was (and by cold, they mean 62 degrees) for the first 30 mins. Meredith played copycat and we had all three crying and two stressed out parents gritting their teeth through the majority of the shoot!

It’s amazing that Keriann got any good ones at all, considering what she had to work with that morning. She amazingly managed to make it look like no one was crying 90% of the time! Thanks, Keriann!

My favorite pic of Amelia:

Cute Samantha:

Too many cute ones of Meredith!

Meredith sported the same dress as Amelia wore back when she was 1 1/2:

60% of the family looking at the camera and half-smiling is a win in my book.


Jake usually scores the best photos with the girls, so I was so happy Keriann actually captured some cutes ones with the girls and me!

We are trying to not kill our children in this photo (lots of screaming going on behind the scenes).

Happy Meredith!

Slightly possessed Meredith.

Joyful Meredith!

Giving up on posing and letting them run loose actually made them smile more for the rest of the pics. They magically forgot how “freezing” it was.

Sister hugs.

Catching a smile from Amelia.

Super cute Sammy.

One of my all-times faves of the twins and me!


Daddy and Meredith laughing.

The individuals of Samantha and Amelia turned out so cute!

Silly as always.

This is what ACTUALLY went down 90% of the time. We may use this as our “real life” Christmas photo:

Behind the scenes pics on my phone: let’s get out of here!

Behind the scenes: everyone miserable!

Behind the scenes: Meredith was obsessed with some dogs running around and wouldn’t budge from her watching place.

Behind the scenes changing location:

As promised, we went out for hot chocolate as soon as we were finished with the shoot and breathed a sigh of relief. We arrived home by 9 a.m. and it felt nice being so dressed up and having the rest of the morning before us! I’ve decided that we need to implement a new Saturday morning regimen of being out the door by 7 a.m. and going for a hike in the “cold” every Saturday in order to toughen up the girls!

Happy Fall!

Lots of love,


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  1. I love these! And it is so true, real life happens all mixed up around the cute pictures. Kids are kids! I’m kind of dreading our family pictures this year. We still haven’t done them. Way to go! I love the yellow/gray color scheme.