Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point

Growing up in Utah, fall meant wearing boots, apple cider, scones, getting lost in REAL corn mazes (not the kind here in California that you can see over), and getting chased by masked Freddie Kruegers wielding chainsaws in the haunted Halloween versions of said corn mazes. Since the fall activities in California, often marred by random October heat waves, just don’t have the same authentic flavor, we had to get our fall fix when we visited Utah.

We visited the grandaddy of all fall kiddie carnivals at Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point while on our trip. Carnivals are a total money pit, in my opinion, but the twins were in heaven (and Jake was too– he’s such a sucker for the roasted corn, churros and carnival games!) It seemed like all of Utah decided to go the Monday night we went (maybe everyone decided to do their FHE there?) and there was such a dizzying array of activities calling the girls’ names that we could have easily been there all day.

The girls spent so much time flitting around in wonder and delight that we didn’t even make it to the actual corn maze, (apparently voted one of the top ten corn mazes in America?) I guess the corn maze (and the haunted Freddie Kruger/chain-saw version) will have to wait for another time down the road.


All dressed up and ready to go!


I was saddened to realize the girls didn’t know who any of the Peanuts characters were. Fortunately, they were showing It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown outdoors that night.

img_0640 img_5336  img_0606

Meredith was a little dazed with all the excitement.



I think I actually heard the twins’ jaws drop when they saw Cinderella’s carriage. Talk about the coolest thing ever to a three year old girl!


Amelia sat and stared in wonderment.

img_0592 img_0598 img_0599

img_0600 img_0603

Suckered into face painting. See what I mean about money pit?


Samantha approved.


While Samantha was getting her face painted, Amelia dragged me over to the princess playland. She was too shy to meet the princess, but willingly helped herself to the dress up clothes and pranced around on stage.


Carnival snacks with Grammy.

img_0630 img_0638

The giant air pillow seemed to have the longest wait of all the attractions there… irresistible to kids!

img_0285 img_0283

Got milk?


Trying their luck with steer roping.


Best way to ride through a corn maze? On a cow train, of course.  img_0646 img_0649

Eyes drooping, Meredith was more than ready for bed, so my mom and I took her home, while Jake (who had driven separately to meet us there after working remotely) stayed there with the twins way past bedtime. The girls came home full of stories of carnival games and caramel corn, and collapsed into bed.


I really need this at home!


Lots of love,


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