The Latest Twin Shenanigans

Unfortunately, there was no shortage of labor on Labor Day. This is what happens when I leave the girls downstairs to play while changing a Meredith blowout…


Apparently, they helped each other grab the step ladder over to the shelf in the garage where I keep their finger paints (washable, fortunately) and decided to channel their inner Jackson Pollock.  I should have known something was up since it was awfully quiet down there, punctuated with giggles.

When I viewed the destruction downstairs, it was like a horror show. Paint in every room, on every conceivable surface. Even poor Bandit was not left unscathed!


It was hard to get mad since they claimed, sweetly, that they were “making a card for you and Meredith.” Yep. They know how to play it right.

To their credit, after handing them washcloths and spray bottles, they cleaned it up cheerfully and then we had a productive discussion about the natural consequences of getting the paints out without permission. All of the ideas were theirs:


The Cinderella addition was from Amelia… not sure she fully understands the whole evil stepmother thing (she always says Cinderella was cleaning and couldn’t go to the “ballgame”), but I’ll run with it. Life lessons!

This week, the girls’ shenanigan involved chocolate. The twins were in their room while I was helping Meredith settle into her last nap of the day. When I came out 10 minutes later, the girls were nowhere to be seen or heard. I ran to the garage and outside yelling for them, only to be met with silence (a foreboding sign at our house).

I looked at Bandit for clues, who just gave me a look like, “Your guess is as good as mine.” Freaking out a little bit at this point, I sprinted back upstairs where I heard the faintest of giggles coming from the master bedroom, which  had the door shut.

When I burst through, I saw two little lumps under the covers of the bed, moving slightly. I threw back the covers to find the little sneaky squirrels cuddled up together with none other than a bag of chocolate chips!


Who knows where they got it from as I have locks on the cupboards (they never divulge their secrets), but boy, were they happy with themselves! Again, it was hard to get mad since I simply felt relieved they were safe and hadn’t run away or gotten hurt beyond the epic stomach ache they had that evening.

The take away: Samantha and Amelia are lightning quick, team players (with each other– ha!), and always keep me on my toes/laughing at their shenanigans… if I don’t have a heart attack first, that is.

Lots of love,


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