Carlsbad Getaway and Legoland

The week before Labor Day, Samantha and Amelia’s school had a break before the fall session, so we took off for a few days for a short end-of-summer getaway.

We rented the cutest beach cottage in Carlsbad, named Seaside Cottage, just a few minutes to the ocean. The owners were so thoughtful, and even left presents of Lego Duplo ice cream trucks for the twins, and a baby ball toy for Meredith.img_2519

BUNK BEDS. The twins were in heaven.


When I saw the backyard online, I knew this was the rental for us. It lived up to the alluring pictures as the girls were occupied playing in the backyard nonstop. We just have a patio at home and are used to walking to the park to get everyone’s energy out, so much like staying at Grammy’s in Utah, this was a nice change for us.


Cute teepee.



The rental originally belonged to the owner’s grandmother and they had a fun history of the house framed on the inside; it was originally purchased by the owner’s grandmother after WWII for just $10,000 with the GI Bill.  Crazy to think it’s worth over $1 million now!

The twins adored their bunk bed room, while Meredith enjoyed sleeping in the owner’s pack n play in our room.



The rental had a high chair, stroller, toys, bikes and all the beach gear we could ask for. We didn’t have to bring any baby gear with us, which was so nice for a change!


Carlsbad isn’t a hotspot for tourists, like Laguna Beach closer to us is, so everything felt very low-key and relaxing.


Sand crabs.


Meredith played with her toys while watching the girls get buried in the sand.

img_2505 img_2500 img_2512 img_2510

img_2493 img_2496

The present the rental owners left for Meredith has become her favorite toy of all time.


Can’t get enough of that face.

img_2489  img_4965

While the beach and hanging out at the rental were fun, the main event for the twins was their favorite theme park, which they talk about constantly at home, and somehow manage to weave into their bedtime stories. Jake took the twins for an all-day Daddy-Daughter Legoland date, while I relaxed with Meredith.


img_4815 img_4822 img_4835

Holding hands on the carousel. I DIE.


Jake took the girls to see their first show in 3D… apparently, they weren’t fans.


Am I mean for thinking this is hilarious?



Being silly at the Legoland aquarium.


Daddy and Amelia.


Daddy and Samantha.


Back at the rental, the girls helped make grilled pizza.


One of our favorite parts of the trip was biking. The rental had beach cruisers and a trailer in which to tow the twins. We brought our own baby seat for Meredith. Meredith loved her first bike ride!

img_2439 img_2435

I am not the best at balancing (just ask Jake what it’s like to ride with me on a tandem), but riding with Meredith on the cruiser was surprisingly easy.


Jake towing the twins, who kept yelling for him to bike faster. img_4939


img_4944 img_4951 img_4941

More playtime at the cottage.

img_2453 img_2449 img_2481

Amelia the wild child.


Hours of entertainment. img_2472

Sister snuggles and movie night.


Three beach babes after a long day in the sun.


Our getaway was just long enough to have a break from the day-to-day routine, but quick enough that we weren’t going crazy by the end of it. We’ve found our new go-to beach rental and hope to make it to Seaside Cottage again soon!

Lots of love,


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