Allison’s Baby Sprinkle

We are so excited for Allison’s baby girl, on her way here in October! Baby Girl made it easy on me and co-hostess, Auntie Lynn, by approving the pink and gold decorations; perfect, since I saved them from the twins’ first birthday party!

The morning of the Baby Sprinkle, the twins helped me with a donut hole emergency. I had requested simple donut holes with sprinkles from a local bakery, and while I wouldn’t have thought this would be a complicated matter, the donut holes were not only not round, there were only about five sprinkles per donut “oval.”

We made an emergency stop at the grocery store to buy *round* donut holes and the twins helped dip them in sprinkles before the party started. Continuing with the group effort, Jake’s amazing feat of the day was going to Party City with the twins and Meredith to pick up balloons for me… no idea how he made it in and out alive with all three girls and balloons, but that’s why I call him Super Dad! Thanks girls and Jake!

On the day of the Baby Sprinkle, social butterfly Meredith joined me at the party, while Jake and Zack took the kids swimming.

Baby Love for her soon-to-be-here cousin!


Meanwhile at the pool…


img_5054 img_5056  img_5064

We put a copy of the twins’ favorite book of all time, Pinkalicious, out the entry table for the guest sign-in. I’m guessing their new cousin is going to like pink too.



Cutest preggo mama!

img_1470  img_1481

Meredith was a little overwhelmed by the hoards of people kissing and pinching her cheeks, but happily hung out in the Ergo with me most of the time. She loved seeing all the cute presents and clothes her new baby cousin will be getting.


After swimming, the boys and kids came for leftovers.


The twins gave Noah some practice in baby sister comforting.

img_1583 img_1580

Love Noah’s smile!


Cutest cousins.


The after party.


Super Dad ready for a nap.


We can’t wait to meet our new cousin!

Lots of love,


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