Quote of the Day

Samantha and Amelia spout out so many journal-worthy quotes every day, that I wish I could keep a recorder on all day and have someone sift through it for gems. Today’s was from Samantha.

Samantha while cuddling Meredith: “I wish we had two sisters.”

Me: “You do have two sisters– Amelia and Meredith.”

Samantha: “No, I want two babies. Why can’t we have two babies?”

Me: “Um…. that’s just the way it worked out. Maybe next time, if there is a next time. But don’t hold your breath.”

Samantha: “When we have another baby, I want to name it ‘Sam’ just like me, Sammy!”

Me: “Won’t that be confusing to have two Sams?”

Samantha: “No, because there will be a little Sammy and a big Sammy.”


Can’t argue with that logic. Apparently, in Sammy’s ideal world, all of her sisters would be mini-hers!

Lots of love,


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