Meredith’s Adventures in Solids

Meredith reached a milestone I have been putting off as long as possible– solids! Back when I was a newbie and naive, I couldn’t wait to start the twins on solids. I actually had a special baby meal plan and baby food maker back then (and used recipes– ha!) whereas now I just dig out whatever fruits and veggies we have on hand/are eating that day, steam them and throw them in the blender. Many of the new foods the twins tried had their own dedicated blog posts (too much time on my hands back then?)

IMG_5744 IMG_5786

Samantha and Amelia trying solids: click here. 

Little did I know back then how much of a mess and extra work starting solids would be, hence my lack of enthusiasm when it was time to start Meredith the week of her 6 month birthday. She had been eyeing each bite we put into our mouths with envy for months, but when it was finally go-time, she wasn’t too excited about her bland brown rice cereal and oatmeal starters!

Veggies and fruits have been met with much more gusto. The scoreboard so far:

Brown rice: meh
Oatmeal: meh
Bananas: Yum!
Squash: Yum!
Sweet Potatoes: Yum!
Green Beans: Yum!
Corn: Yum!
Prunes: Yum!
Apples: Yum!
Watermelon: Yum!
Cantaloupe: Yum!
Pears: Yum!
Avocado: Ew!

Then many faces of Meredith eating:

PicMonkey Collage

Mealtime is the twins’ favorite part of the day now. They beg to feed Meredith, much to her chagrin!

IMG_4343 IMG_4341

Life is good!



More please!




What kind of torture is this? (Her first taste of oatmeal). IMG_4298 IMG_4501

Loving those green beans.


Meredith enjoys grabbing the spoon and attempting to feed herself (SO messy) and especially loves cold watermelon or cantaloupe put in her silicone self-feeder to soothe those sore gums.



So far, the only food she’s really detested is avocado (a tragedy!) We will keep working on it.

The twins eating avocado: click here. 

Our adventures in solids to be continued…

Lots of love,


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