Meredith 6 Months

I wish I could freeze this past month in time. Just when I think she can’t get any happier, chubbier, and more adorable, she ups her game! Happy half birthday to our little monkey!

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Amelia, Samantha and Meredith’s 6 Month Comparison:

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Meredith definitely has similarities to the twins (especially Samantha), but is taking on her own “Meredith” look too.


At her 6 month appointment, Dr. Young announced Meredith was officially literally off the growth chart. She weighed in at 19 pounds and 28.5 inches tall. She barely fit on the baby scale!

“Clearly, you are starving her,” remarked Dr. Young.

And just because I love graphs:

graph (1) graph


Go, Meredith!


Meredith can still fit in a few 9-12 month outfits, but mostly wears 12-18 month clothes. Unfortunately, the clothes I kept in that size from the twins are all winter clothes, so lucky Meredith got to splurge on some brand new clothes for the summer!


Meredith usually wakes around 6:30- 7:00 a.m. and takes two 1.5 hour naps and one short cat nap a day before going down for the night around 7-7:30 p.m. Unlike her sisters at this age, Meredith is a star sleeper most days.


Those cheeks really seem to weigh her down. She gets a workout just keeping her head up!


It was drool city for Meredith all month, but still no teeth! She loves chewing on her teether toys, though.

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New activities for Meredith this month included blowing raspberries, grasping more toys (and hair!) and pulling them toward her with ease, bouncing around in the exersaucer, grabbing her feet, giggling hysterically at the twins, swinging, swimming, trying solids and turning to her side more. She can sit up for a few seconds before falling over, so we usually prop her up with pillows.

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The twins seemed to be more advanced with their gross motor skills, as they were both rolling over all the time and sitting up without help by six months. Meredith definitely gets carried around a lot more than the twins were and is constantly being toted around in the stroller, carseat, Ergo, high chair and wherever the twins go. With her sisters, we were home playing on blankets and mats more, so I have to wonder if that has contributed to her being behind the twins in her gross motor skills, or if it’s just her unique timetable. Meredith seems more advanced by far on the fine motor and cognitive skills. I find all the comparisons between siblings so interesting!


Meredith can flip from her tummy to her back, but is usually content to hang out, so she doesn’t try too often.

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She’s usually so content with a toy on her back too, that I think she figures in reference to rolling, “Why bother?”


Meredith enjoys talking to herself and all the pretty butterflies from her crib. SO different from the twins who were usually screaming to get out of their cage the minute they woke up and were never entertained by toys or with each other.



Meredith loves to stick out her tongue and play peekaboo.


Meredith and her favorite sea creature mat.


A recap of Meredith’s sixth month:

Her first road trip to Utah (permanently traumatized from being in the car for 12 hours!)


It was all worth it once we arrive and Meredith enjoyed 24/7 cuddles from Grammy, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

2016JulyFourth6 2016JulyFourth8 IMG_0498

2016JulyFourth252 2016JulyFourth275 2016JulyFourth274 IMG_3729 IMG_3783

First Fourth of July!


First official tea party.


The star baby.



2016JulyFourth126 2016JulyFourth135

She celebrated Cousin Noah’s 2nd birthday.


Many beach days!


First time swinging at the park (true love).


Meredith couldn’t wait to fit into the Future Harvard Freshman outfit our friend, Marisa, gave the twins when they were babies. And just in case she messes it up, I have an extra.


The twins constantly asked to hold/squeeze/hug/kiss/feed/play/read to Meredith.



The twins dressed up Meredith in the koala outfit Aunt Sarah brought back from her trip to Australia. Not cool, guys!


Baby playdate with Maple!


Meredith didn’t miss out on any of the outdoor action in her portable high chair.


Jake was playing Meredith’s favorite game, airplane, when he got more than he bargained for. IMG_4337

First solids the week of her sixth month birthday. Not a good birthday present, apparently.


A new cherished activity (on the twins’ part). Meredith acts mostly terrified when they get anywhere near her with a spoon.


I think I’ll just put my feet up.


Flashback to Samantha and Amelia hanging out together at six months:

img_6346 IMG_5910

We love you, Meredith!

Lots of love,



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