Midsummer Eves

The days are hot, the nights are warm and we’ve been staying out way too late having picnics, swimming and running the girls around to get out those last bursts of energy.

Maple and Meredith catch up on an evening picnic playdate.


Nom nom.


Cutie patooties!


Samantha and Amelia sampling the scrumptious Vietnamese food we devoured on a picnic with the Nguyens and Erpeldings. It’s our new favorite take-out!


No need for the adults to watch the kids with Lily in charge. She had them entertained for an hour!

IMG_3972 IMG_3970

Love this fun crew.


Meredith wanted to impress her friend with her newfound ability to blow raspberries.

Summer concert and snacks with the Erpeldings.


The kids really got their groove on!

Afternoon Target run.IMG_4223

Late afternoon walks to the park to get some energy out have also been on the agenda lately.

IMG_4227 IMG_4229

Meredith tried out her first baby swing. Not as cool as Grammy’s swing, but exciting nonetheless.

IMG_4232 IMG_4233

Thrill junkie!


And, of course, we have the usual post-bath shenanigans, compliments of Samantha and Amelia, on the daily.


Lots of love,


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