4th of July Weekend in Utah

One of the main reasons we planned a trip to Utah when we did was so that the girls would be able to experience the 4th there. Utah is considerably more festive than where we live for the 4th, so we were excited to let the girls try out real backyard fireworks for a change!

Jake had never been to the famous Stadium of Fire show in Provo, so he, Tim McGraw and I had a date there!PicMonkey Collage2


Posting this to mortify the girls one day and to show them how cool their parents were. They already ask to watch this over and over again because they think mommy singing is hilarious.

In the morning, we drove up to SLC so that Aunt Sarah could take some family pictures for us in her studio. Getting ready to leave:


Meredith fell asleep about half-way through our photo shoot, but she was still the perfect model, even while snoozing.


That afternoon,  Grandma and Grandpa had a big barbecue with our family, friends and neighbors. The girls got to meet Evie and Micah, the two-year-old and 4-month-old kids of my next-door-neighbor friend growing up, and showed them how to use the zipline:

Barbecue time!


Meredith living up her first fourth of July weekend with Grandpa and family.

IMG_0498 IMG_0499


Even Bandit and Aunt Sarah’s dog, Roger, enjoyed the festivities (before hiding from the noise of the fireworks, that is).

IMG_0500 IMG_0504

The much-anticipated hot dogs.

IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0361

Swinging with Meredith.


Ali helped out with the sparklers and made sure the girls didn’t catch the grass, each other (or themselves) on fire. No easy task.


We explained that the 4th of July was America’s birthday, and thereafter, Amelia kept asking for a cupcake she could give to American and proceeded to sing the birthday song with her sparklers. When we tried to tell them America was not a person, the twins constantly asked if they could, “Go to America sometime?”


Samantha liked playing with fire a little too much.


Wizards dueling with their sparklers.


Don’t point them down!

IMG_3674 IMG_3679 IMG_0372

Uncle Mike and Ali took charge of educating the girls on how to properly pop poppers, light smoke bombs, battle with firework tanks and dance to strobe lights.

IMG_3683 (1)  IMG_3686

Watching the parachutes go off.


Rescuing the parachute guy.


The girls loved the colors from the smoke bombs, until one of them got too hot and scared Amelia.


Pyro in the making.


Watching the rest of the backyard fireworks show from afar.


On actual 4th of July, we had planned on going to the big Provo parade with some friends, but, too tired from the big barbecue the day before, decided to sleep in. Instead, we played at the Provo splash pad/pool with Jake’s sister, Juliette. The girls got to meet two sets of their twin cousins, and hang out with four of their other cousins.


Juliette met Meredith for the first time.


After going out to eat with Juliette’s crew, Jake took the girls to see their first ever movie-theater movie, Finding Dory. Jake said he knew it was going to be a long movie when, during the previews, the girls started protesting, loudly, “WHERE IS DORY? I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FINDING DORY?”

And, all throughout the movie, “WHERE’S DORY? THERE’S DORY!!!! WE FOUND HER!!!”

Despite the constant jabbering (hence the lack of photo documentation), the overall consensus was that their first movie was a success!

Meanwhile at home, Aunt Sarah and I were lounging with Meredith in the adirondack chairs in the backyard.


Meredith was excited to celebrate America’s birthday!

IMG_1720 IMG_1732

Meredith never got bored of staring up at all the interesting clouds and trees.


We ended the day with another July 4th barbecue at Jake’s brother, Tyler’s, house. The girls’ cousins, Maddy and Olivia, took turns jumping on the tramp with the twins and squeezing Meredith.


Chowing down on coconut ice cream and berry cobbler with Cousin Olivia and Aunt Elizabeth.


Family and friends, barbecues, fireworks, country music, swimming, movies and running around the backyard made for the perfect 4th in Utah!

Lots of love,


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