Meredith’s Month 4 Recap

The girls’ 4 month comparison: Amelia, Samantha and Meredith. Meredith is still trending toward the Samantha side, but is also taking on a look of her own.

4 months

Going through the twins’ 4 month old pictures, I was struck by two things: I have approximately 11 million more photos of the twins than I do of Meredith (third child syndrome), and I have maybe 5 pictures of  the twins not frowning or being grumpy at this age. In photo after photo, the twins are either staring blankly at the camera or visibly perturbed. A stark contrast from our happy-go-lucky Meredith! My blog posts were also substantially longer back then (ha!): the twins at 4 months.

Even at this age, Samantha and Amelia were stubborn and full of mischief.


Meredith is a little more like Amelia personality-wise. Almost every photo of Samantha at this age features her sticking her tongue out or frowning.


A rare smiling picture. 996823926836645061257992119n

Meredith kicked off last month with her baby blessing, in which she looked and acted like an angel. Even the twins talking and crying from the pews didn’t faze her (I’m sure she’s used to it by now).


IMG_1006 IMG_1044 IMG_1080 IMG_1155

Meredith enjoyed commissioning a mural for her room from Grandma Celeste who visited from Utah.


Meredith ate up all the cuddles from Aunt Gigi and Uncle Kip from Washington and Uncle Jarom and Aunt Jen from Idaho.


The twins never say no to a sister photo shoot.


Meredith happily awaiting a diaper change, looking around at her favorite pictures– the owls in the girls’ room and giant canvas pictures of the girls eating cake.


Happy to be out and about.


Eating out and basking in all the compliments from other diners.


She’s slightly terrified whenever the twins ask to hold her (which is about every hour or so).

IMG_1360 IMG_2872



Celebrating our first Mother’s Day since Meredith’s arrival.


Meredith loves to play with the dresses hanging from the shelf by the changing table.


Conked out during an afternoon walk.


Saturday morning snuggles.


I love me some baby rolls.

IMG_0130 IMG_0127 IMG_0128

Out and about in her wrap.


Comparing notes with her friend, Maple, who is two months older. Meredith inherits many of her clothes from Maple and loves her fashion sense!

IMG_0154 IMG_4937

Four squeezable cheeks.

IMG_0159 (1)

Friends holding hands.

IMG_0156 (1)

Grammy came to visit from Utah and Meredith wasn’t put down for an entire week.


YOLO during bath time.


Post-bath ‘do.


4 month birthday!


Lots of love,


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