Memorial Day 2016

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went on a “hike” with all three girls plus Bandit and must have looked like quite the caravan to all the mountain bikers we passed along the way.

Jake somehow balanced 70 pounds of twins plus a 17 pound baby in the front across three different creeks without even getting his shoes wet. Impressive! I carried myself and fell in the water every time.


We brought the double stroller to carry our stuff, but of course, Samantha and Amelia begged to be pushed part of the way.

IMG_2944 IMG_2942

Snack break.


Pretending to be stick-wielding bears in a cave… or something like that.


Our friends, the Nguyens, hosted a festive Memorial Day barbecue at their new house and the girls definitely approved of the menu. Phi and Michael went overboard and served some amazing ribs, tri tip, and salmon for the adults, plus hot dogs for the kids… clearly, we needed more protein!


Me, Phi, and Jessica with the babes: Meredith, Maple and Owen.


Meredith chilling with Lily.


Party on the couch.


Maple was obsessed with touching Meredith.


Me, Sarah, Phi, Jessica and Sheela with the gang. The kids had a blast running around together and bouncing in their blow-up bounce house as we all feasted. The best part about get-togethers with kids is that they all entertain each other. Lily read the twins books, Parker jumped with them in the bounce house, and Maple chatted with Meredith. A big thanks to the awesome hosts!


And if all that excitement wasn’t enough, we burned some energy that afternoon at a park with some perfect scootering paths.


The girls’ scootering skills have really improved as of late. They are fearless.

A week later, the girls carried on their American pride by accompanying us to the polling station and showing off their “I Voted” stickers . Won’t be long until they are voting for real!


Lots of love,


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