Daddy Daughter Legoland Date

I don’t know who was looking forward to a Daddy-Daughter Saturday at Legoland more… Samantha and Amelia, or myself! After an especially tiring week, Jake took the girls to Legoland a few weekends ago from sun-up to sun-down so that I could relax at home with Meredith– dad of the year!


I received regular updates from the girls throughout the day.


Amelia was proud of her license.



Remind me to stay off the roads when the twins turn 16.


Their motoring skills are slightly improved from last year. 2015:



The twins relished their day with Daddy. It’s nice that he’s good at the things I’m not– like having the patience to do construction projects with them. IMG_2247 (1)


Not surprisingly, the girls reported that their favorite “ride” was the playground.



Jake tortured them by going on the Splash Mountain-like ride that they hated last time we went. They apparently screamed for twenty minutes afterwards and people looked like they wanted to call CPS on Jake for bringing them on the ride, so they still may not be ready.


The lifeguards asked everyone to get out of the pool for a few minutes and the girls decided to put on a show.



Unfortunately, my peaceful day at home did not work out to be so peaceful. I’ve come to the conclusion that Meredith thrives on the chaos that occurs when the twins are in the house. She was freaked out about how silent everything was and didn’t sleep more than 20-30 minutes at a time the entire day. WHY?!

Her least fussy moments were when we were out and about at the grocery store. It was definitely a different experience shopping with one kid– best part of my day… and hers.

What a fuss budget!


I had planned on getting so much done while the twins were on their date, but with Meredith so fussy, it was probably one of my worst days with her to date! So much for my golden opportunity to feel productive. At least the twins were asleep by the time they got home and we all felt refreshed from a day out of the ordinary.

Meredith was so happy to have her sisters home after a whole day with boring mommy. Bring on the noise!

Lots of love,



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