Hospital Day Three- Going Home

The morning of Day Three at the hospital was a torrent of hospital staff checking us out so we could discharge. Meredith had been doing great and although it was nice having the extra help from the nurses, we were so ready to get out of there and be back in our own house!

The morning of our discharge day was sunny and warm– the perfect homecoming present.

Getting ready to go home.

IMG_7439 (1)

Before we left, the hospital photographer shot some pics for us.

Fresh out of the oven!


Squishy face.




The thinker. {7563c5d9-8c07-4f0f-b3a4-68d19e2843cd}_5BW

Those lips!


Last time around, it was Jake’s hand holding the twins, but while the photographer was there, he was running around packing the car or something, so I did it!


The twins look so tiny in Jake’s hand!


I remember being completely freaked out during the car ride home when we brought the twins home from the hospital. I sat between their two car seats and was the quintessential backseat driver! This time, we were both a lot more relaxed… I guess that comes with being second (third?) time parents.

I was so excited to see the banners my mom and the twins had put together for us to welcome Meredith home!

IMG_0957 (1)

Bandit was the first one to greet us and before coming in the house, we let him sniff one of Meredith’s hats so that he could get used to her smell and welcome the new puppy to the litter.

Those first few days and nights are a blur of sleep deprivation, feeding, rocking and washing hands.  Jake and I were zombies and I basically told my mom and Jake that the only job I could handle right then was the baby, and they were in charge of everything else– the the twins, meals, everything! My mom and Jake were awesome at handling everything so I could sit back and be with Meredith.

Samantha and Amelia were obssesed with their new little doll. They constantly asked to hold and play with her. Although they absolutely adored their sister, all the new changes and lack of mommy’s attention manifested itself in some major whining, meltdowns and bedtime shenanigans. I’ll give credit where credit is due, however; they are the cutest big sisters!





Just along for the wild ride!


Lots of love,


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