Birthday morning

On birthday party day (we told the girls their birthday was on Saturday since that was the day of their party and I didn’t want to drag out celebrations!), the girls woke up to balloons falling from their doorway after Jake woke up at 4 a.m. to rig up a makeshift balloon drop.



The birthday princess Samantha.


Should-be-sleeping Beauty!


The girls were so excited to open the door and see their birthday present from Sheela and her family– a birthday balloon wreath! Sheela’s family puts their own balloon wreath on the door for each of the kids’ birthdays. It was so special for her to make a wreath just for the girls!


Amelia gears up for our traditional birthday Funfetti pancakes!

IMG_0021IMG_0025  IMG_0024

Funfetti pancakes and sparkler candles– can’t get more festive than that!


Samantha couldn’t wait to dig in.

IMG_0007 IMG_0014


Happy birthday, sis!  IMG_0029

And then this happened:


Getting the girls a trampoline for their third birthday present was born out of desperation! I needed something to help get the girls’ energy out without leaving the house, since that’s hit or miss most days right now. I figure any ER bills will be negated by the fact that I didn’t have to pay for my own therapy.


The Amazon reviews for this trampoline were hilarious… apparently, many parents ordered it for the same reasons I did. After reading comments that stated how parents were able to throw their toddlers in here, zip it up and let them duke it out UFC style, I was sold!

So far so good as far as getting the girls tired. They can jump to their heart’s content, while I supervise from the convenience of the kitchen while cooking or while taking care of Meredith. Happy early birthday present to me!


We love getting to celebrate TWO birthdays on the same day! Twice the fun.


Lots of love,


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