Kids Say the Darndest

So many random and hilarious comments come out of the girls’ mouths these days that I’ve taken to immediately recording them in Evernote on my phone or else I forget by the end of the day. A few quotes from the past weekend:

The girls were coloring and Samantha asked if she could write my name on her paper. When I asked what name she wrote down, she said, “Mommy Whitehead!”

At bedtime, Jake said “I love you” to Amelia and was finishing tucking her into bed when the exhuasted Amelia said, “Ok. Can you go to your bed now?”

Samantha found a book she had been looking for and ran shrieking through the hallway, waving the book, “Happy me!!!!!!”

We had fajitas for dinner and Samantha asked for avocado. When Jake gave her some of his guacamole, she responded in a huff, “That’s NOT avocado. That’s guacamole.”

Jake asked Amelia what she had done during the day and Amelia responded without missing a beat, “Be nice to mommy.”

Samantha randomly asked, “Can I go to the moon sometime?” Amelia added, “Can I go with Sammy?”

Samantha is great at word play. She picked up the edamame on her lunch plate and said, “Edamame…. there’s my mommy!”

At naptime, Amelia turned to Samantha, looked her straight in the eye and matter of factly told her, “Sammy– I’m going to poke your eyeball out.” Samantha shrieked, “No!!!!!! Then I won’t be able to see Daddy!”

IMG_3900 (1)

There’s a zillion more quotes where that came from!

Lots of love,


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