Random December Slices of Life

A compilation of random non-Christmas things we’ve been up to the past week.

We are now proud new mini van owners! Never thought I would see the day, but I’m officially obsessed…should have gotten one ages ago. Automatic sliding doors and flip down TV… I’m in love. Jake now has my SUV, but he’s definitely jealous of my new wheels. The mini is infinitely easier for the girls to climb into vs. the SUV and it’s so much roomier. The girls couldn’t be happier in their new seating arrangement.


S and A have really grown up in their MyGym, Art and Music classes the past few months and I’ve seen them come a long way as far as participating. The other week at MyGym, they had some kind of ceremony for the kids (for what, I’m still unsure). Samantha and Amelia climbed on the podium and yelled “I did it!” and then received a ribbon. The “Everyone’s a Winner!” attitude at its finest! I guess I can’t complain since the girls looked so proud.


Dress up is out of control these days. This is how the girls came barging out of their room after nap time the other day.


Beautiful, Samantha!


The girls’ beloved babysitter, Ana, got the girls some early Christmas presents and always picks out something the girls love! She got them some cute Disney Princess rain boots and some new dress up clothes– including their first dress up shoes. The girls are quickly discovering why mommy doesn’t wear high heels!

IMG_0593 (1)

Good timing on the rain boots since El Niño is here!


The girls follow each other around like little ducks at the park. If one ventures off to the other side, the other will ask me, “Where did Sammy/Ba go?” and quickly run after her. Samantha still calls Amelia “Ba,” although she will occasionally use her real name.


Teamwork using the digger.

Almost figured it out.

The girls have kept busy this week playing with some awesome early Christmas presents from Great Auntie Lynn, Great Grandpa and Cousin Noah. I’m so happy they got us another set of Magnatiles because S and A always fight over the starter package we already have– it’s nice to have enough now to actually build something cool! I don’t know who is into them more– Jake or the girls.


Thank you for the awesome kinetic sand and accessories kit! Hours of entertainment– I love playing with it too.


S and A have been into finding little cubbies to cuddle up in recently. Their new favorite spot– the linen closet, which I happened to be reorganizing one day, leaving a bunch of empty shelves. 


Try as I might to document, I just can’t keep up with all the funny conversations the girls have together. They are constantly chatting and making up pretend play scenarios together. This video needs some additional translation, but you can hear Amelia’s pleas to “Wipe my snot!” and Samantha’s pretending to be “naughty dogs.” They are hilarious on their little walks together!

S and A go from MMA fighting to best friends in about two seconds flat. Samantha has been teasing Amelia recently after they were asked to say their entire full names during circle time at MyGym. Samantha loves her middle name, Darlene (after my grandma), but mistakenly thinks it’s “Darling,” which she knows from songs we sing a lot like “My Darling Clementine.”

She teases Amelia all the time now, saying, “I’m DARLING!” with Amelia retorting a resentful, “I’M DARLING TOO!”

Samantha always counters with, “No, you’re Amelia Jean!” Amelia then either argues back or starts crying. Samantha knows just how to push her buttons.

We’ve tried telling Samantha that she is “Darlin’ Samantha Darlene” and Amelia is “Darlin’ Amelia Jean,” thereby making them both “darlin’s” but to no avail. Samantha still thinks she is the “darling” of the family.


Last night, Samantha had already been tucked in and Amelia was returning to her room from a final pre-bedtime potty break. She went over to Samantha, kissed her on the forehead and said in the sweetest voice, “Goodnight, Sammy!” Samantha replied with, “No thank you!” Samantha pretends to eschew all the sister love, but I know she secretly loves it!

IMG_3626 (1)

Lots of love,


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