Newport Beach Boat Parade

Christmastime in the OC means instead of frolicking in the snow, we go to the beach and watch people’s fancy yachts decorated to the nines parade around the bay! Jake and I haven’t been to the Newport Beach Boat Parade in several years since the twins were born, but we think it needs to be an annual tradition now. I wasn’t sure how much the girls would really care about the parade, but even though they stayed up way past their bedtime, they were in good spirits and loved waving to all the boats. I think a chocolate dipped frozen banana and hot chocolate may have helped…

Hmmmmm… which chocolate dipped banana stand to choose? THERE’S ALWAYS MONEY IN THE BANANA STAND (Arrested Development reference).


While waiting for her banana, Amelia was feeling silly and pretended that her face was stuck to mine.


We were so lucky to go to the parade with the Smiths who are locals and go every year. They knew the perfect place to park and a low key place to watch the parade away from the other millions of people on Balboa Island.

Sebastian, Amelia, Samantha, Kennedy and Kennedy’s friend, Maddie.



S and A always have a blast with Kennedy and Sebastian and the kids played together on the sand for a good thirty minutes before the parade started, playing games, collecting shells, and playing “Red Rover” with seaweed. IMG_0500 (1)   IMG_0506

IMG_0501 (1)

Kennedy is hired to be my mommy’s helper at home! She entertained the girls with games and even let them take turns holding her beloved stuffed puppy and puppy purse. At one point, Amelia ran off to look at a kayak a little ways down the sand, and a very concerned Sebstian ran after her and grabbed her hand. “I brought her back to her mommy!” he exclaimed proudly when he returned her to me. IMG_0511

Whether big or small, all the boats looked so festive.


The girls’ favorite was the Frosty boat, complete with someone blasting karaoke Christmas songs.


Lucero and Ryan with the kids. Lucero and I agree that if we HAD to settle for this yacht, it would do.


Hot chocolate coma.

IMG_0525   IMG_0531

My personal favorite: the dinosaur boat, complete with real fire spouting out of the volcano. I had to keep reminding myself these are people’s personal boats that they decorate themselves– the things people spend money on!


Amelia was devastated that she spilled her hot chocolate, poor thing. We took off shortly after and the girls conked out in the car on the way home, despite all the sugar overload. My definition of a perfect outing.


We will have to make the Boat Parade with the Smiths an annual tradition!

Lots of love,


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