Christmas Pajama Party

One of the things I will miss most about this age is attending so many fun playdates with our other toddler and preschool friends. “Parties” at this age are so low key and always a blast– the kids are content with just hanging out together and playing! I love the simplicity of this stage of life and will miss it when the girls get older and wouldn’t dream of going to “parties” anymore with me!

Crystal is the party queen of our neighborhood and Samantha and Amelia were excited to be invited to her cute Christmas Pajama Party. Even some of the adults came in Christmas pjs, but since I’m pretty sure no one wanted to see a pregnant mom in her pajamas, I opted out. Thanks, Crystal for hosting!

I never realize how tall Samantha and Amelia are until they are standing next to other kids. Besides London and Quincy, Samantha and Amelia are the youngest of the group by 6 months to several years. They are huge little elves!


Crystal recently got a trampoline and now every single kid in the neighborhood is bound to be over at her house 24/7.


My plan for when the new baby comes is just to send Samantha and Amelia over here.


Crystal really needs to start charging admission.


Amelia elf.


Way too much fun.


Ring around the rosie is ten times better on the tramp, obviously.

IMG_7135 (2)

I guess there’s a reason my mom never let us have a trampoline growing up! Samantha christened the new tramp with its first child injury. The tramp has a zipper to close it, but someone forgot and Samantha came tumbling out. She was upset for a bit and decided to take a break with her Olaf and a donut before jumping back in like nothing happened.

IMG_7137 (2)

Addison and Samantha chill out.

IMG_7138 (2)

Amelia was very concerned for her sister and kept offering to go get her a donut and hot chocolate.


The kids played a cute Pin the Heart on the Grinch game.



The girls’ favorite activity was the gift exchange. Everyone brought a dollar store gift and the kids drew names out of hats to determine who was next to pick. Samantha was up first and then somehow managed to draw Amelia’s name out of the hat. Way to look out for sis!

IMG_3550Samantha was excited about her ball and Amelia immediately headed to the craft table to put together the reindeer craft she received. That’s what I love about this age– they are so happy with something so simple!



Lots to do outside at the craft table. Anything involving glue and the girls are in. They are obsessed!


Jadyn and Samantha hard at work.



For the grand finale, we brought over our snow machine we had at our Christmas party last year and let the kids run wild in the flurry. Sad that this is all the snow we get around here!


What is this stuff?

IMG_7143 (2)

IMG_7144 (2)

The kids loved taking turns controlling the snow machine.


IMG_7141 (2)

Kennedy, the master snow maker.


When the “snow” hit the ground, it turned into the consistency of foam bubbles, which Amelia loved to smear all over herself.

IMG_7148 (1)

The two Cindy Lou Whos had a wonderful morning thanks to Crystal and friends.


After the pajama party, we regrettably had a little last minute Christmas shopping to do and just kept the girls in their elf pajamas while we were out. I was reminded why I do most of our shopping online when our trip took about two hours longer than necessary due to people stopping us to make comments every five seconds! Approaches by two different agents is definitely a record– good thing Jake is very upfront about telling them we are not interested in subjecting the girls to commercial pictures/filming. They get enough from my own picture taking and filming as it is!

A bonus for all the attention is Samantha and Amelia received several candy canes and prizes from gushing store clerks. I wonder sometimes if all the attention will go to the heads and how the new baby is going to handle everything…

Testing out some rocking chairs. The girls had some clear preferences.


Samantha and Amelia demonstrated some impressive sharing/taking turns skills while we were at the store. When left to their own devices, they always surprise me with the way they work things out with each other!

As a side note, it’s funny how people feel like they can make all sorts of comments and ask tons of questions just because you are pregnant (another reason our shopping took forever)! Some of my faves from this excursion and some I hear all the time when I am normally out and about:

Twins again?

You look like you are ready to pop tomorrow!

Are you sure you are going to make it until February?

If they made a pregnant Barbie doll, you would be it!


Ummmm…. thank you?

I know people aren’t trying to be mean-spirited or anything and just think it’s funny when they see the girls and me around, but it would sometimes be nice to make it through a store without talking to a million strangers for once.

These random ladies stopped us and asked if we would like our picture taken. Ok, whatever.


I never would have thought Christmas pajamas would cause so much excitement that day!

Lots of love,


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