Samantha and Amelia’s First Time Ice Skating

Samantha and Amelia have had a lot of firsts lately! The little outdoor ice rink at the Spectrum opened for the holiday season a few weeks ago, and for whatever reason, Jake wanted to try it out with the girls, with the understanding that he would somehow have to skate with both of them. It’s a good thing Jake has a can-do attitude about everything in life; otherwise, the girls wouldn’t have tried half as many things!

Getting suited up.


I like your helmet, sis!


With Jake and I growing up ice skating at “real” rinks (a.k.a. frozen lakes), the bitty outdoor rinks here are sort of pathetic. However, the girls didn’t mind one bit!


After one round on the ice and trading skates down for a smaller size, Samantha and Amelia were back in business.


Future figure skaters? You be the judge.

We quickly discovered it was more manageable if the girls took turns skating around alone with Daddy while I waited with one of the girls on the sidelines. Samantha was not happy about it!

Go Samantha!


Amelia’s turn.



Time of their lives.


It was hard to justify the price of skating for 25 minutes, but for a first experience, it was fine!



Samantha and Amelia have talked about ice skating again ever since, but until they are old enough to last a little bit longer, we’ll opt for the free version at home.


Jake made some “skates” for the girls out of a shoebox, duct tape and ribbon for ice skating practice at home. Success!


As a side note, the girls are having fun picking out their own outfits these days!

Lots of love,


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