Utah Week Two

While Jake was back working in California, the girls and I enjoyed hanging out at Grammy’s and finding things to do around Utah County. And by “enjoyed,” I mean had fun most of the day until bedtime, at which point not having Jake there to take over after a full day of feeding, dressing, bathing, brushing, wrangling, entertaining, refereeing, disciplining, and surviving really started to take a toll.

It was definitely nice not having to cook and clean on top of the girls, but even with all the perks of being on vacation at Grammy and Grandpa’s, I was tired and not in the best of moods by the end of the day.

Just for fun, a flashback to our Utah trip last summer:


By day three of no daddy, we were pretty much done. The girls loved being at Grammy’s house, but there’s just no place like home! Amelia was especially homesick/daddy-sick and didn’t quite know how to deal with everything. She would be playing, perfectly happy one moment, and then bursting into tears screaming “HOME!!!!! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!” the next. Times that by seven times a day, seven days a week, and that’s pretty much how things went down.

Still, with Grammy there to help out, we survived our Jake-less week and lived to tell about it.

Samantha on a pony at Farm Country, Thanksgiving Point.


Samantha, last year at Farm Country.




For some reason, they didn’t have straps to tie around the kids (uhhhhh, liability?) and Amelia’s horse was a little bit fidgety. Scared me half to death, but she held on admirably.


Amelia 2014:


Of all the many parks we visited, the wooden Discovery Park was their favorite.


Cute little beehives!



Sister hug!


Poor Amelia is constantly wanting to hug Samantha and hold her hand– usually to her sister’s vehement protests. She’s so sweet!


One morning, Grammy went with us to the BYU dinosaur museum, where we spent most of the time keeping the girls from treating priceless artifacts as a jungle gym.


We loved all the free things there were to do around Provo.


Amelia is still talking about going to the dino museum as if it were yesterday. Apparently, she grew quite attached!



Grammy also went with us to the BYU Bean Museum of Natural History. Hooray for another free museum, although, we definitely paid our “admission fee” by letting the girls pick something out at the gift shop. Surprise of the century– they each picked out yet another stuffed animal.

Contemplating the circle of life at the Bean Museum.


On one of the hotter mornings, the girls bounced around Kangaroo Zoo.


And on one of the colder days, we visited Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Curiosity.





Samantha is our little builder. She found these blocks which were supposed to be in one of the exhibits to demonstrate what happens to structures in an earthquake. She informed us that she was repurposing them into some train tracks.


Don’t mess up my train, sister!


We sure kept busy, but we were missing Daddy every second!

Lots of love,


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