Flower Girl Time/Sarah’s Wedding Part One

Sarah’s (and let’s be honest– the girls’) big day was finally here!

While everyone was setting up at Silver Fork Lodge where the wedding and reception would be, I headed to the cabin in the afternoon to get ready with Sarah and her bridesmaids. I expected things to be hectic and stressful at the cabin, but when I walked in, it was dead silent– just Sarah and the ladies she hired to do our hair and makeup. Compared to what Jake was dealing with back at the condo with the girls, this was a total vacation! Sarah, Amanda, Katie and I hung out and chillaxed while getting treated to hair and makeup. Heaven!

We don’t have all the wedding photos back yet, but Sarah’s photographers sent her a few sneak peeks.


Mike and his groomsmen were at the lodge, getting themselves ready.


Meanwhile, back at the condo…


Total destruction! They actually did end up breaking a lamp that I had to pay the owners to replace.


Today of all days was THE day I needed the girls to nap. They go down for naps 99.9% of the time without much of a fuss and sleep from 2-3 hours each afternoon. At home, it’s like clockwork. The girls could obviously sense something was up and refused to sleep while in Jake’s custody.

At 3, Jake gave up on naps and headed over to the cabin with Samantha and Amelia to get them dressed. He informed me we were at Situation Critical. Red alert! We put our No Nap Protocol into place (basically a prayer and buckling up for a wild ride) and hoped for the best!

When everyone was ready, the photographers took some pictures of the bridal party in the woods by the cabin. The wedding ceremony was pushed back an hour due to some jerk construction workers who wouldn’t stop jackhammering across the road, despite the pleas of the wedding coordinator and our family who were holding down the fort at Silver Fork.

A few sneak peeks from the photographers…



Sarah looked amazing in her wedding dress, which was handmade by Aunt Annie. The lace and beading she hand-sewed on were so beautiful. It looks great in the pictures, but was absolutely stunning in person.


We were going for the Twilight look!


Once we were done with bridal party photos (during which I was desperately trying to pull my heels out of the dirt and keep the twins from getting mud on their dresses), Jake picked us up and we lined up for our walk down the aisle.

Then, we waited…and waited…and waited. Apparently, the bridal party had been locked out of the cabin and someone ended up having to climb through a window to unlock the door and get everyone their keys so they could get to the ceremony. I think Sarah may have been left behind at some point as well, but I’m fuzzy on the details!

Meanwhile, we hung out on the deck and prepped the girls for their grand entrance. Once again, a huge thank you to Aunt Annie for making the girls’ adorable satin dresses and finding the fur boleros for me! They worked out perfectly! I bought the sashes off Etsy and had the girls’ Cinderella shoes custom hand- made by Bitsy Blossom.

I recall Mommy saying something about throwing flowers?


And don’t touch the fire. And don’t trip. And don’t get our dresses dirty. OR ELSE.


The guests waiting below asked for a sneak peek of the girls, so Jake obliged.


After obsessively refreshing the weather app on my phone for the past week, we were all so relieved it didn’t end up raining, although it certainly looked like it would, up until the very last second. Even the wedding coordinator had a doppler weather map pulled up on her phone in case we needed to move the ceremony inside imminently.

Finally, the rest of the bridal party arrived in one piece and it was go time! A huge thank you to Allison for taking pictures on her phone. I’ll post more once we get the photos back from the photographer.

Poor Dustin (Mike’s brother)– I told hold him he was responsible for making sure the pregnant lady didn’t fall. As a Marine, he was up to the task and performed admirably!


The girls were acting silly while waiting for their big moment, but once it got there, they acted really shy! Jake had to prod them along and then basically pushed them down the aisle.



Seeing the girls walk down the aisle with their twin cousins, Eleri and Rhys, right behind them was too much!


The girls refused to look at anyone!


Despite all of our practice sessions, no flowers were actually thrown out of the basket.


They made it without screaming and running away! Success! Once the girls got to the end, they didn’t know quite what to do next, so they started running around in circles right in the front, laughing and chasing each other. I hope someone caught that on video/camera!


Cousin Jack looked so handsome as ring bearer.


Here comes the bride!


Toby, the officiant, gave a very heartfelt sermon about remembering our wedding vows beyond the wedding day and into day to day life, most of which I couldn’t concentrate on due to the girls wriggling in their seats and chattering loudly.


Eventually, Jake had to escort haul the girls away. IMG_9741


Nooooooo! I want so stay!!!!



With the girls out of the picture, the rest of the ceremony was lovely!

In lieu of writing their own vows, Sarah and Mike had put together a remembrance time capsule in which they had written each other letters, and will then open at their five year anniversary. Precious! The officiant explained all that, and then it was I Do time.

Thankfully, both said the magic words!



Mazel Tov!



Right after the ceremony, we attempted to take family photos, during which S and A were extremely uncooperative. I will be shocked if a single one comes back in which they are looking at the camera and/or not looking like this whole ordeal was pure torture.


Let the party begin! To be continued.

Lots of love,


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