Bridal Veil Falls and Football


Since the first week we were in Utah was pretty hot down in the valley, we went for a short excursion up the much cooler Provo Canyon with Grammy. It was such a lovely fall morning. Having lived in California for almost a decade now, I’d forgotten how much I love a real autumn! IMG_2406





It’s always more fun sporting our Ute gear when we’re in BYU country.IMG_2385



Feeding the fish at the base of Bridal Veil Falls. IMG_2391


Samantha was not cooperating for a family photo…


My girls. Amelia on the left and Samantha on the right.


After the falls, we went to a small park down the canyon and the girls entertained themselves by throwing rocks and sticks in the river.



Collecting more rocks.


Moving on to recreational rock climbing. Yes, we went through a hundred boxes of Hello Kitty bandaids this trip.



Meanwhile in Oregon… Jake and his brother, Jarom, were also enjoying the beautiful scenery on their boys road trip. I have no idea why anyone would want to drive from Boise to Eugene, taking a million “detours” to the coast and through national parks on the way, particularly after just having driven from California to Utah, but they seemed to have a great time. Boys. Go figure.


In the evening, we all anxiously gathered around to watch the Utah Oregon game, which turned out to be perhaps the greatest Utes game of all time. To say Samantha, Amelia and I were jealous we weren’t there with Jake and Jarom in their seats on the 10th row midfield would be an understatement. Still can’t believe we missed that game.


Red in a sea of green.


62-20 yeah!


Fall colors and football– what could be better?

Lots of love,


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