Cousin Noah’s 1st Bday

Trying (and failing) to keep up with our summer adventures! This one is from a while ago!

When we told Samantha and Amelia that we would be going to celebrate Baby Noah’s very 1st birthday, the girls could not contain their excitement. “Cake! Candles! Cake!” they chanted non stop.

The cake the girls had so been looking forward to did not disappoint! Neither did all of the adorable decorations.


In a sad twist of fate, the day of Noah’s birthday party coincided with the most random summer torrential downpour. Everyone joked it was Noah’s Ark come to life. Allison had worked so hard setting up a veritable toddler playland outside, complete with the cutest of decorations, but alas, it was not meant to be. The girls were perfectly happy with Plan B– toddler playroom in the garage.


Besides the fun Dot Dot markers, animal masks and toddler jungle gym, the girls’ favorite part was the food.


Cousin picture time in front of the ark!




Unlike the girls, who cried hysterically at their own 1st birthday party when they were placed in their high chairs during their happy birthday song, Noah was a happy camper throughout and was a perfect gentleman trying his cake. Bring on the dessert!


Guilty as charged.


The girls couldn’t wait to give Noah their puzzle.

IMG_1703After most of the guests had left, the girls helped themselves to all of Noah’s new toys.


After all that sugar and party going, the girls curled up in Noah’s nursery to watch a show.


Noah was the perfect host and didn’t mind a bit! We were so happy to be able to celebrate with him. Happy 1st birthday, Noah!

Lots of love,


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