Father’s Day on the Midway

When I asked Jake what he’d like to do for Father’s Day, he replied, without missing a beat,

“I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to tour the USS Midway!”  (An aircraft carrier/museum in San Diego).


Me: “Let me rephrase that. What would you like to do for Father’s Day that I would also like to do?”


Definitely not my first choice of activities, but I ended up giving in and we headed down to San Diego during the week right before Father’s Day weekend.

On the drive down, we kept promising the girls we were going on a big boat… they were pretty confused/irritated when we got there.



Once S and A spotted all the planes, they temporarily forgot about the fact that they weren’t on a moving boat. IMG_1307

First day of fighter pilot training. IMG_1310

Step one: learn how to eject the passenger. IMG_1312

All those buttons– a toddler’s dream!IMG_1315

Um….I’m a little busy with flight training right now. IMG_1324

Do they make booster seats for these things? IMG_1329

Whoa… never attempted a barrel roll before… that was crazy!IMG_1335

Just call me Maverick.


Feeling proud!IMG_1350

I don’t even remember the days when I could still hold both of the girls at the same time.  IMG_1355

Where can I get those glasses? IMG_1360

Making friends with the other recruits. IMG_1362

We need camo in our wardrobe!IMG_1363

Just playing with some missiles; nothing to see here. IMG_1364 IMG_1367 IMG_1373

About an hour into our tour, the girls started getting antsy, so we took a quick lunch break. With full bellies, the girls were good for another hour– especially after hitting up the souvenir shop. We told them they could each choose one item and I totally thought they were going to go for the pricey stuffed bears in aviator glasses and bomber jackets. They chose some cheap red, white and blue bracelets instead. A win-win. IMG_1380

S and A’s favorite part of the day was going inside the big helicopters, mostly because they love to run up and down ramps, in general. IMG_1383 IMG_1384

Just got back from a routine mission rescuing marines from insurgents in Afghanistan. No biggie. IMG_1385

The carrier was huge and we didn’t even get to half of it before the girls went into meltdown mode and we headed to our hotel for nap time. It was a good first tour though… maybe Jake can take the girls on a daddy-daughter date there again when they are a bit older. IMG_1390

A successful first day of fighter pilot training!IMG_1396

Now the real fun can begin!IMG_1403

Let Operation Tire Twins Out Before Bedtime begin. IMG_1406 IMG_1409

The girls obviously had zero fun in the pool. IMG_1412 IMG_1414IMG_1419

Amelia begged to stay at the pool all night! IMG_1439

We took a little break from the pool to eat dinner with Cousin Ben, who was on summer break from his first year of law school and was clerking for a judge nearby. It was fun to see Ben– even if not all of us look happy in the picture (AHEM, Samantha)!IMG_1453

After dinner it was back to the pool. IMG_8048

In a final desperate attempt to tire the girls out, we walked to Seaport Village and let the girls window shop to their heart’s content before they conked out in the stroller on the way back to the hotel. IMG_8056It was a quick Father’s Day staycation, but we made the day count!

Lots of love,


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