Father’s Day Craft and Pool Party

The week before Father’s Day, our friend, Amy, invited us over for a fun craft we could give to Daddy. She was incredibly brave to let toddlers paint at her house, but she’s so organized that everything turned out surprisingly mess-free.



Camdyn was so adorable helping Samantha with her art project. She would ask Samantha what color she wanted, Samantha would tell her and then Camdyn would help paint her hand and place it on the paper. I didn’t even have to do a thing– these girls had it covered.


Addison, an expert crafter herself, was the perfect teacher for Amelia.IMG_1463 IMG_1466


Once we peeled off the tape, their creations were revealed! Super cute and Daddy loved them.


Friday night, we had a pre-Father’s Day Pool Party with some of our neighbors. S and A learned a lot of fun tricks from their friends– there are so many little fishes in our group.


Samantha liked to hang out by the stairs and practice kicking. IMG_1482

Amelia decided to try her luck without floaties after seeing her friends do it. IMG_1492

At one point, Samantha got out of the pool and figured it was far more important to be snacking on chips and guac than swimming with her friends. IMG_1496

Parker, Samantha, Amelia, Addison, and Camdyn– the cuties of summer! The girls had a blast hanging out with Kennedy, who left before we took the picture, and we missed our friend, Logan– they had accidentally gone to a different pool and were confused why no one was there for the pool party. Bummer!IMG_1489

S and A’s favorite part is always the pool shower!IMG_1498

We are looking forward to many more pool dates this summer!

Lots of love,


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