Fancy girls

I have no idea where they get it from, but S and A are hoarders of jewelry! I don’t really wear that much jewelry and it’s not something they see me put on everyday (unlike makeup, which they now try and do themselves– ahhhhh!) I’m thinking their penchant for all things sparkly and glittery is inborn. 
For Samantha, a trip to the park to feed the geese necessitates no less than 16 bangles. 
All fancied up for the geese. The best was when an elderly woman and her husband stopped us to talk about the girls.
 Nice old lady: “Wow! They really love jewelry!” 
Her husband: “FRANCINE! That’s RUDE! Don’t ask about their finances!” 
Because obviously plastic necklaces are spendy! 
More bread, please!
Amelia cackled while Samantha got bit by the geese who were eating out of her hand. She’d scream, cry, run to us, and then go back for more. 
Of course, I think the girls are cutest when they are un-fancied up. 

Other adventures last week: we discovered a new park!

We played at some of our stand-by favorites as well. The girls love practicing their arch climbing– maybe we’ll visit the real Arches National Park someday?

Amelia the mountain goat. This girl can climb.

My favorite Friday nights involve eating dinner at the pool with friends and tiring the girls out by encouraging them to lift themselves out of the pool and jump back in. Twenty thousand times. Easy bedtime + no kitchen clean up = a win.

Lots of love,


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