Sister clique

Just a few tidbits from regular life so far this month: 
Amelia is a great helper when Samantha is on the potty– she loves reading to her! Wish I could say the same for Samantha…

It’s fun to see the girls start recognizing and interacting with their friends more. This week, we had a scheduled playdate with our friend, Grace, saw her at our regular gym class and ran into her randomly at another park. Lots of quality time! Grace is a sweetheart and runs up to the girls, shouting their names (correctly, most of the time) and gives them huge hugs every time she sees them.

While the girls will say “Hi, Grace!” that’s about it. They are not big on hugging unless it’s each other or us. I feel bad because the girls have their own little sister clique– they generally like to stick around each other and don’t show much interest in tagging along with their other friends. I’m thinking as a little experiment, Jake and I should take them on separate playdates with their friends to see how they interact differently.

Table for two. 

The three amigas. 

We haven’t practiced much scootering lately because it usually entails me pushing the girls along while they stand there. Lately, they’ve been willing to scooter on their own–hooray!

Amelia loves pretending she’s a little bee and yells, “Buzzzzzzzzz!” while flying down the street. They also love to hide behind bushes, jump out and “sting” me while I pretend to be terrified.

Scooter gang!

And finally: we’re not sure why the girls are in love with this fire hydrant but they’ve seriously given it one hug a day since they were about 18 months. I try not to think about all the dogs that have likely done their business around it. 

Lots of love,


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  1. That fire hydrant picture- too adorable. That's the stuff children's books are made of.