S and A take on Legoland

This past week, we took a few days off to take Jake the girls to Legoland. Even though she had never been, Samantha kept reminding me throughout the day that we were going to “Legowan!” and both girls couldn’t wait to hop in the car for our adventure. The only person who was more excited than the girls was Jake!
Notify the authorities. S and A have arrived. 
I carry my own suitcase. I’m low key like that. 
Amelia insisted on wearing her sunglasses while checking in so that the paparazzi wouldn’t recognize her. 
We got to “Legowan” late in the afternoon, but even though we only had time for a few rides, the girls fell in love with all the colorful Lego creatures. 
Amelia loves crossing her legs– she even does it in her carseat. 
Overlooking Lake Lego. 
Most of the rides had a 36″ height requirement; fortunately, the girls passed with flying colors!
Since it was the middle of the week, the place was totally empty, which was great considering I there’s no way we would have lasted very long waiting in lines with two toddlers. 
The girls went on the fairy tale boat ride twice– the three little pigs were their faves. 
We also checked out the Legoland Aquarium, which was just the girls’ size. 
Way too excited…


Amelia was exemplary during dinner…wish I could say the same for Samantha. Jake and I took turns sitting outside the restaurant with her because she was being so fussy. It turned out she just had to go to the bathroom really badly, but didn’t tell us. She felt a lot better once she finally went! That girl is so stubborn sometimes!
S and A were excited to check out every phone/pen/coffee mug/soap in the hotel room and were pretty much bouncing off the walls way past their normal bedtime. 

We shut the patio door and let the girls wreak havoc inside.
Meanwhile, from the comfort of the noise-proof glass, Jake and I were outside enjoying this. 

Except for moments like these, we’ve come to realize that with the twins in tow, “vacations” are not really vacations anymore!

Lots of love,


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