Rainy Days

On the 6.5 days we get rain per year, S and A go crazy! I keep meaning to buy them some raincoats, but never follow through, thinking surely THIS will be the last time it rains this year. 
The girls don’t care if they get soaking wet– they will stand outside collecting raindrops forever until I force them inside for fear of getting too chilled. 

Rainy days also mean lots of art projects. When I asked Samantha what she was drawing, she said that clearly it was herself, dancing. Duh, mom. 
Amelia pointed out that she had painted Bandit, Mama, Dada, Sammy and Ba. Abstract at its finest. 

The best part about cold days is picking out their own outfits and walking to grab a vanilla steamer– warmed coconut milk swirled with vanilla. I tell the girls it’s hot cocoa. They love it!

Lots of love,


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