Our week beating the heat

90+ degree temperatures all week = first trip of the season to the splash pad and pool. Jake’s been taking care of afternoon pool duty while I’ve been handling Operation Stay Cool in the mornings. 
Summer– bring it on!
The girls and I went to the splash pad this week with Jodi, Maliyah and Baby Allie. That Allie has absolutely no fear! She was hanging out in the water with the best of them. 
Blast from the past: I looked back at a post from almost this exact week last year when Jodi and I took the girls to the splash pad (it also happened to be super hot that week). Samantha was not loving it!

Hard to believe this exact week last year, Jodi and I had planned on taking the girls to the splash pad again later, but she ended up calling me to cancel because she was going into labor with Allie.

Time flies– Allie is so big now!
Not as outgoing in the water as Baby Allie, but still having fun. 
Amelia the gymnast. 

Concentrating on an epic match of Tic Tac Toe. 

Jodi’s sister has an embroidery machine and Jodi commissioned these adorable Elmo towels for the girls for their birthday. Love them!

Summer girls. 

Can’t take their solemn faces seriously with those towels on. 

When it’s been too hot to play outside (a.k.a. mommy is sick of being scorched to death), we’ve been playing inside, reading and sitting around chatting. Samantha loves to shell and eat edamame– this kept her occupied for a good 20 minutes when she woke up from her nap and Amelia was still sleeping.  

We haven’t been to the park much as it’s been way too hot, but we met up with a bunch of friends for a park picnic dinner date last evening when the temperatures cooled off. It was the perfect “summer” evening. 
Hmmmmm….what to choose? 

Bandit eagerly awaits for Samantha to sneak him a bite. 

Slide jam with Amelia, Parker, Leighton, Ashley and Samantha.

 Love this picture that Michael took. It just evokes childhood memories of staying out late in the summer evenings playing!

Two great things about dinners at the park: not having to heat up my kitchen and quick bedtimes for two tired out little girls. 
Lots of love, 

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