Mother’s Day Part 1

My third Mother’s Day weekend was everything I could ask for– a few days “off,” yummy food that I didn’t make (although I did clean some of it up as Jake was getting a tad overwhelmed), a little pampering and best of all– a relaxing time with my three loves. 
Making eggs, smoothies, almond flour cinnamon bread and coconut flour crepes– I was impressed. 
Saturday I basically had the entire day to myself, which was both amazing and terrifying– what to do with THAT much time and not squander it? I managed to fill up my day and then some!
Meanwhile, Jake took the girls to a rocket-building/launching event hosted by Boeing in Huntington Beach. It was definitely more fun for him than for them, judging by the photos, but he said the girls were awesome rocket scientists/engineers nonetheless. 
The girls brought their own bottles, were given rocket building supplies and that was it– everything else was up to them to figure out. I get so frustrated with anything related to engineering/building/physics/science/math, so this was definitely NOT up my alley. 

Amelia hard at engineering work. 

Time for blast off! Samantha won a little prize for having the longest hang-time in her group and because her parachute deployed correctly and in a creative fashion. 

 Amelia’s rocket didn’t have the longest hang time, but her rocket launch went smoothly and her parachute deployed. She was clearly proud of her work.  Jake is already talking about the changes he’ll make for next year– hopefully our little rocket scientists will be ready.
The girls were totally exhausted from all that rocket launching and fell asleep on the car ride home. Great Auntie Lynn stopped by later to deliver some yummy herbs and a new carton of floss (obviously read the post about the girls’ late-night floss party!) and then Jake took the girls to a birthday party while I got my nails and toes done. You know it’s been a while when the nail people look at your fingers in horror.

 One of my Mother’s Day gifts from Jake and the girls was a spa day at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport (cue rapid hand clapping/leaping in the air for joy). I actually decided to go Monday because I figured Saturday would have been really crowded, which somehow made it feel more indulgent being there on a weekday. Let’s just say I am permanently ruined from ever getting a massage or facial (or even just sitting by a pool) anywhere else. Give me a robe and some peace and quiet and I am good to go– but everything here just put it way over the top.

Everything was so gorgeous, quiet, and peaceful–basically the opposite of whatever was going on at home while I was there (the girls had a fun day with our babysitter, but boy did she look exhausted when I got back!) While I normally have an impossible time “letting go” and just sitting somewhere relaxing without thinking about the ten million things I have to do, I truly felt rejuvenated and ready/excited to return to mom duty. A much needed breather indeed. Thank you, thank you, Jake and girls for a wonderful present!

Lots of love,


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