LA fun continued

After our adventures at UCLA, the girls conked out in the car on the way over to their cousin’s house. Amelia snoozed for a good nap, but Samantha woke up during the dreaded car to bedroom transfer and once she realized she was in an unfamiliar place where there might be new TOYS, she was not having any mention of falling back asleep. 
Quality time with the twin cousins!
Samantha told us she’s never leaving this house. Ever. Ever. Ever.
There was no shortage of fun to be had at Eleri, Rhys and Jack’s house– I’ve never seen the girls play non-stop at a house for so long!
Amelia and Eleri bounced their hearts out. 
We have the exact same dolls at our house– and yet they are SO much more fun at someone else’s!

Rhys created multiple scavenger hunts for the girls to follow. After playing “hot and cold” to find the treasure seemed to confuse the girls, Rhys opted for something more obvious– arrows leading directly to the surprise!

Rhys was so patient with the girls wanting to touch everything in her room. Sorry about those broken crayons!

After hearing the girls and Jack play, Amelia serenaded us with her own original songs. Because she’s a musical prodigy like that. 

It melted my heart when Rhys decided to teach the girls their first ever school lesson. We got through math, reading, and spelling, before the girls left to play with some tantalizing stuffed animals before class was dismissed. Rhys was forgiving and gave “Star Student” stickers to the girls anyway! She’s so sweet.

After UCLA and adventures with their cousins, we had a full day! And yet, this mama was way more tired than the girls.

Lots of love,


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