Hiking S and A style

With the weather being cool and gorgeous, we took a hike over the weekend in Aliso Canyon. Once S and A spotted their beloved backpacks, they couldn’t wait to climb in and become “monkeys,” as Samantha calls it. 
The girls may love hitching a ride, but besides the fact that it’s a lot faster than waiting for them to toddle along and get distracted by every leaf, pinecone and rock, the carrier backpacks are not our favorite things. It takes a fair amount of mind power just to block out the neck and shoulder pain. 
At least Jake takes the heavier twin, plus our drinks and snacks. 
Amelia and Jake explored a creek. 

Samantha opted to hang in her backpack. 

I made some homemade energy bars before our excursion– too bad the two people who were actually burning calories didn’t get any (AHEM, little piggy girls!)

All this working out has me famished. 

So. Painful. 

After a certain point, I got used to my load; either that, or everything just went numb. 

The girls found a perfect little toddler chair on the side of the trail. 

The girls’ favorite finds: bones!

Double fisting it, as per usual. 

At the end of our hike, Samantha had an epic meltdown when the pinecone she so graciously offered Amelia was rejected. For whatever reason, Samantha gets extremely upset whenever she wants to give Amelia something, and Amelia, knowing EXACTLY how to push her buttons, says no. Amelia, being the peacemaker, finally gave in.

Cue a 20 minute tantrum after I chucked Samantha’s pinecone into the forest so she wouldn’t eat it. Even before bed, she was still wailing, “Pinecooooooooooone!” 
Like an elephant, she never forgets!
Lots of love, 

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