First college tour

Our first adventure over Memorial Day weekend was visiting the girls’ life coach and personal mentor, Marisa, up at her stomping grounds! We couldn’t believe it had almost been a year since Marisa started her freshman year and we still hadn’t been up for a tour. Better late than never. 
The girls are convinced ADPi is the sorority for them– all it took were some English muffins and peanut butter from the kitchen and they were sold. 
Utes and Bruins unite!
The hill was just begging for the girls to do some somersaults. 
Sorority sisters for life. 
Touring the inside of the house– the girls especially loved the life-sized stuffed animals in the living room. 
The girls were so disappointed when they found out they couldn’t rush this year. 
After a ton of negotiating with the girls to leave the awesome hill, Marisa was our fabulous tour guide around campus, regaling us with an impressive amount of historical facts. We will definitely have to come back if Marisa ever starts leading orientation tours– her true calling! It’s a huge campus and we covered a lot of ground, considering we were stopping every thirty seconds to pick up leaves, look at ants, climb trees, and walk on the edges of fountains. 
I’m convinced we will never buy another theme park or children’s museum pass again– the girls were occupied for hours here for free!
Marisa wouldn’t be able to rescue Samantha from this fountain if she fell in because she’d be cursed and would be doomed to complete an extra quarter. The freshman touch it once during orientation where they become “bruinized” and can’t touch it again until graduation. 
Mesmerized by the Inverted Fountain. 
We loved walking around such a gorgeous campus with our expert guide!

Our final destination was a picnic lunch in the sculpture garden. Not much lunching happened as S and A were too busy inspecting the artwork, which they assumed was obviously there to climb on.

Playing peekaboo. 

Thanks, Marisa, for the educational and amazing UCLA tour– the girls were zonked and I think even Jake was impressed, although he spent the rest of the day indoctrinating the girls in all things Ute. 
Lots of love, 

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