A tale of two hair cuts

This week, Samantha and Amelia kept complaining about their wild and crazy curly hair getting way out of control, so we went for a quick trim. We had a 50% non-screaming rate; in other words, it was a success!

Guess who was not happy about having her lovely locks chopped?

Samantha’s I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS stare. 
The last time we were here, Samantha had a great time… at first. 

 Amelia was uber-excited about sitting in the train and was super mellow, as per the usual. 

Focused and ready to go.
Amelia sat contentedly in her train last year, too. 

 Meanwhile, in Samantha’s corner…

Eerily familiar. 

Can you figure out what changed between the last picture and this one? 

That’s right– a lollipop! 
It was enough to make Samantha tolerate the trim. 
At least Samantha’s self-soothing skills seem to have improved since her previous experience. 

I don’t know who was more traumatized– Samantha or the lady cutting her hair. Next time, we may just do it ourselves!

Lots of love,


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