Two little gardeners

Lately, the girls have been working on cleaning up our back patio, prepping our soil, watering our herbs, and planting some new fruits and vegetables. I’m still using frozen tomato sauce I made from fresh garden tomatoes last summer, so I’m hoping our yield of tomatoes, peppers and zucchini is just as big this year. Since I’m terrible at gardening, I’m relying on the girls’ green thumbs!

Just give the girls some watering cans and they are good to go for the next hour. 

We grew some swiss chard and other herbs this winter– S and A’s favorite being mint. I always call the girls my little grazing herbivores as they are constantly picking off and munching on the leaves of the herbs and vegetables on our patio. Somehow, they like picking leaves for their own “salads,” but won’t eat normal salads at dinner. Go figure.

Touching up the mint. 
Amelia loves to pick peppers and bring them to me. Note the dead tomato plants in the background. Yep. Didn’t do a good job taking care of those this winter.

While Jake was hacking off dead stems and leaves from our palm trees, we found a bunch of tree frogs. We have a bunch of loud frogs in our fountain, but were surprised to find these little guys hiding in the leaves. 

Amelia was super excited to hold one– maybe a little too excited. We had to tell her repeatedly not to squeeze the poor little guy too hard. 

Dilemma: Jump to my death into the open jaws of a dog or be squeezed into oblivion by two little girls. 

S and A are obviously not squeamish at all when it comes to touching garden dwellers, including slugs. 


They really love every creature in the animal kingdom. And I mean EVERY creature. 

I foresee a menagerie of caterpillars, rolly pollies, beetles, frogs and other random creatures the girls bring home in our near future.

Lots of love,


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