Toddlers and Tiaras: WWF Edition

Just a few of Samantha and Amelia’s antics from “dance” class: 
I have to put quotations around “dance class,” as there’s typically not a lot of actual dancing going on. However, the girls love their teacher and get excited with all the props she gives them to work with, so as long as they’re having fun, I’m game. 
S and A are great at the individual “routines.” Ms. Emily has all the kids sit in a line and when their names are called, the girls usually walk on their tippy toes, jump over a stuffed bear, hop into a hula hoop and raise their arms to say, “Ta Da!” or some variation thereof. 

Bubble time is another favorite. 

All fun aside, we decided we are taking the girls out of ballet and putting them in tackle football (or wrestling?)

Often, Jake goes into work on Saturdays, but when he’s not working, I have him on dance class duty (yay for leisurely Saturday morning mom time!) The teachers always remark to me about how great he is with the girls, but also how clingy they are with him around. It’s funny to hear about how differently they act with each of us.

After dance class, Jake will take them to get a treat or go on errands, their favorite being Home Depot (in full ballerina regalia).

Practicing their dance (gymnastics?) moves. 

The angriest ballerinas you ever did see. I feel that way after a trip to Home Depot too, girls. 
My favorite part about having Jake take the girls on Daddy daughter dates is looking through any pictures he’s managed to take while preventing full-on I-wanted-the-BLUE-fairy wand brawls from breaking out.  Dance class never fails to entertain. 
Love you, sis!
Lots of love, 


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