Pre-Easter fun with friends

This week, S and A learned all about cool “big girl stuff” (the musical, Wicked, the Pinkalicious book series, binoculars, to name a few) from their friend, Kennedy. Kennedy’s little brother, Sebastian, was nice enough to share his toy lizard with the girls, which they instantly carried around like a pet.  
Dinner with the lovely Smith fam. To their amazement, Amelia ate almost her entire fish taco and Samantha chowed down on my thai peanut quinoa salad and Jake’s chipotle burger. 
Shy with food, these girls are not. 
We’ve officially ridden carousels dozens of times this month. Time for a carousel detox. 
Samantha begged to sit on the horse next to Kennedy. 
Ryan is pretty much the only guy other than Jake and Grandpa that Amelia will let carry on their shoulders. For Samantha, only Daddy will do. 
Three Easter Egg Hunts in two days? Totally doable. First up, our ward hunt at the park. The other kids were fast, but the girls didn’t seem to mind that they only got three eggs each (or that I traded their jelly beans for bunny grahams).  
 Next up: neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt with our friends. Thanks Amy, for setting it up!

We were a little late getting to our neighborhood park after nap time, but Camden, Addison and Olivia came to the rescue by dumping out their eggs and hiding them all over again so S and A could participate. Camdyn was particularly instructive as to where the eggs were “hidden.”

Addison was so sweet helping the girls too.

Neighborhood ladies, Olivia, Amelia, Addison, Samantha and Camdyn. 
The girls showed Daddy their spoils when he got home from work. 

Hunt #3: the official neighborhood Easter celebration. We missed the toddler hunt and joined the nine-year-olds for their round– those eggs were gone in two seconds flat! The girls were happy with their four egg winnings.

C’mon, Amelia– be competitive!

Sister, over there!

Lily was nice enough to share her eggs with Amelia. 

Complicit in the annual pony torture. 

Several people commented that Amelia rode her horse like she was some kind of queen, waving regally as if we were all her subjects. I have no doubt that’s her master plan.

Out of character, Samantha grinned the entire pony ride. 

I had to drag Amelia out of the petting zoo– she wants nothing more than to have her own sheep. 

And ducks. Seriously, we need a farm. 
After several large doses of hand sanitizer, we ate a picnic lunch. I caved and let the girls have a hot dog instead of the tuna-pita bread sandwich, carrots, and dates I had packed them. Why do I even bother?
Nom nom. 
Bunny Queen. 

Easter Bunny time! Amelia looked like she was posing for a very serious family portrait, circa- 1890s.

Despite being ok with the other bunnies we’ve met this season, Samantha would have nothing to do with this particular bunny (bad vibes?) unless Jake was holding her.

Samantha was NOT happy I snuck in for a picture with her. 

The girls initially wanted to go in the bounce house, but got nervous at the last second. The operators kindly told Jake he could go with the girls if that would help them be less scared. He acted like he was going only out of duty, but let’s be real– he clearly enjoyed the slide more than the girls!

Lots of love,


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