Post-Passover with Baby Noah

Even though the girls aren’t in school, it was hard not to catch Spring Break fever from everyone else who was off for the week and wanting to play. Spring Break meant two things for us: Baby Noah was in town AND Passover food! Double bonus. 
S and A are huge fans of Great Auntie Lynn’s cooking and gobbled up her famous matzoh ball soup, potato kugel, fruit kugel, chicken, asparagus and carrots. We love Passover food! S and A taunted poor Noah while they chowed down– he looked pretty jealous!
Even though the girls had their fill of sweetness from the fruit kugel, we all went out and picked up some Yogurtland to bring back to the house later. Double dessert for the girls may not have been such a good idea so close to bedtime, but the girls were ecstatic. 

No need to ever buy new toys. We’ll just visit Noah when he comes to town or play at his house. S and A were totally occupied with all of his baby toys and books.

Noah felt a little ganged up upon with two girls stealing his toys.
Can’t believe he’s already crawling!

All morning, I had been telling the girls that we would be going to visit Baby Noah later and they wouldn’t stop chanting, “Baby! Baby!” the entire day. Once we arrived at the door, they sang, “Babbbbbyyyyyyy!” again. I think they are finally recognizing their cousin.

We all had a nice storytime with Great Auntie Lynn and the girls’ selection out of Noah’s books: Elmo.

We can’t wait until Noah is walking and these three are chasing each other around. Talk about entertainment!

Lots of love,


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