Piers, Parks and Pelicans in Oceanside

After a full day at the Wild Animal Park and a good night’s rest sans hotel room parties (finally), we relaxed around Oceanside and played at the beach before heading home.

Amelia spent a good amount of time trying to pet one of these:
98% of these pictures are of Amelia because she was in a happy little mood, unlike Samantha who wasn’t feeling well. 
While Amelia walked the pier spotting pelicans, Samantha stayed like this: 
Amelia watched the waves crash with Daddy. 
Hey there, pelican.
From the pier, the girls spotted this playground right on the beach they wanted to check out. 

Checking out the water from beach front property. 
Amelia would swing all day long if she had her way. 
Samantha tried to have a good time, but mostly clung to Daddy. 

Or poles. 
So. Tired. Must. Climb. 
Made it!

Amelia has a grip like I’ve never seen. 

She’ll hang there for about five minutes before asking to get down. 

Both S and A are fans of anything on which they can play balance beam. 

Our short trip was our kind of vacation. Homeward bound!

Lots of love,


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